Interesting travel experiences on the island of lle de Ré, France

 The experiences in lle de Ré, France, with flower fields, vineyards, salt marshes and a vibrant coastline and pretty villages make this island a favorite among the French.

Small enough to drive from one end to the other in about 30 minutes, the Ile de Ré has a glamorous look but never makes you feel small, the landscape seems to stretch for miles. Check out the best things to do in Ile de Ré :


Island lle de Ré - Experience in lle de Ré FranceIsland lle de Re


Experiences in lle de Re should not be missed

1. Cycling on the island of Ile de Ré

The Ile de Ré is connected to the mainland by a bridge completed in 1988. Cycling is a favorite pastime on the island. It takes about 2 hours to get from one end to the other in a great ride. With more than 60 miles of trails running around the island past vineyards and fields with the same hours of sunshine as southern France, cycling is the best way to see the best of this tiny island. It's easy to rent a bike on the island with countless shops in town.


Cycling is a pleasure on the island- Experience in lle de Ré FranceCycling is a pleasure on the island


2. Sightseeing in Saint-Martin de Ré

Saint-Martin-de-Ré is the main town on the island, the small capital of the Ile de Ré. This is where you'll find some of the best restaurants, bistros, bars and ice cream shops. The town is protected by fortified walls built by Vauban. Saint-Martin is also a World Heritage Site. Climb the church's bell tower for a panoramic view of the terracotta-roofed roofs.


Sightseeing in the port of Saint-Martin de Ré - Experience in lle de Ré FranceSightseeing in the port of Saint-Martin de Ré


3. Ride a Tuk-tuk

This is a thoroughly enjoyable lle de Ré experience, tuks can now be booked in La Flotte, Le Bois-Plage, La Couarde and Saint Martin de Ré. It was the idea of ​​a local, Christophe Sebille. The fleet of 100% eco-friendly electric tuk tuks is the most enjoyable way to visit. You can even be picked up from your holiday accommodation and dropped off in town or back to your pick up point. The great thing about Tuk tours is that they have access to all areas. So you can see tiny oyster shacks that cars can't reach. Local drivers can show you secret locations, salt marshes and trails.


Sightseeing by tuk tuk - Experience in lle de Ré FranceSightseeing by tuk tuk


4. Visit the salt marsh

You can't do anything in the salt fields but it's fascinating to see how salt gives flavor to our dishes. On the island, they have been producing it since medieval times. Fleur de sel salt is famous in France but it was barely known outside of Ile de Ré 20 years ago. People saw it on TV on shows like MasterChef and wanted to buy it. Now it costs several times the original price of salt because the production process takes more time.


Famous salt marshes on the island - Experience in lle de Ré, FranceThe famous salt lagoons on the island


Fleur de sel needs the right conditions - especially wind and sun. These salt crystals are much finer than regular salt. Its production is completely organic with about 1kg of fleur de sel for every 10kg of normal. This is a perfect souvenir for your visit.

5. Boat ride

You are on an island, great for sailing! And there are plenty of choices from speedboat rides to island cruises, fishing trips and yachting. These lle de Ré experiences can be booked in Saint-Martin, Ars, La Flotte and Portes-en-Ré.


Cruise around the island - Experience in lle de Ré FranceTake a boat tour around the island


6. Enjoy ice cream heaven

If you are a fan of ice cream, then La Martinière on the harbor in Saint-Martin de Ré will really be your favorite destination. There are oyster or potato flavored ice cream or frozen macarons, mouthwatering marshmallows or fruit flavored ice cream. When experiencing lle de Ré with its unique ice cream flavors, you can sit on the edge of the port with a sweet treat!


Ice cream at La Martinière - Experience in lle de Ré FranceIce cream in La Martinière


7. Shopping

Come to St Martin de Ré if you love to shop! There are some high end shops with decent prices, not expensive. Especially since you can buy these luxury beachside items at the best possible price - a  travel experience in lle de Ré made especially for visitors.


A lovely shop on the island - Experience in lle de Ré FranceA lovely shop on the island


8. Relax on the beach

There are seemingly endless stretches of silky golden sand surrounding the island of Ile de Ré. The more popular beaches like Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré can get busy but if you want to relax and unwind in privacy, there are plenty of quieter beaches like La Couarde-sur-Mur or La Noue. Having a picnic and spending the day looking out at the Atlantic Ocean, listening to the waves and just enjoying the moment here is one of the best Ile de Ré experiences!


Relax on the beach - Experience in lle de Ré FranceRelax on the beach


9. Visit the church of Ars-en-Ré

The church with its unusual black and white steeple, Ars en Re, is as beautiful as a picture postcard, Ars-en-Ré at the end of the island. It’s a quiet, low-key space in the center of town that comes alive as you head towards the coast. The village is best known for its pointed black and white bell tower, which was used as a reference point for ships. Great little bars and restaurants, galleries and shops and the prettiest side streets make this a must-see.


Ars-en-Re - Experience in lle de Ré FranceChurch of Ars-en-Ré seen from a distance

10. La Flotte

A “beaux village” on the Ile de Ré that is La Flotte is officially one of the most beautiful villages in France. A tiny harbor town well worth a stop to wander and explore its lovely little cafes and eateries, shops and art galleries. Don't miss the market, it's really nice with a great atmosphere.


La Flotte's Place - Experience in lle de Ré FranceLa Flotte's precinct


The best months to visit are May, June, and September, but if you go after that, head north to the quieter parts of the island. If you can get there before June, at this time, the island smells of honeysuckle in full bloom, fields of poppies light up the countryside, hollyhock flowers create splashes of color on most streets, ripe figs and roses falling from the walls and windows...