'Dance' at the most exciting nightlife venues in Pattaya

 The nightlife venues in Pattaya such as Walking Street, Pattayaland, Soi Beach Road, Soi Buakhao,... have made the title of "the city that never sleeps" of this famous Thai metropolis.

Overview of nightlife venues in Pattaya

Pattaya is a land located about 150km southeast of Bangkok, Thailand. Along with Bangkok, Chiang Mai , Pattaya began to become a tourist destination in Thailand that attracted tourists very early, specifically from about 1967. That is why the service industries here are quite developed. Visitors can easily find a hotel or motel near the beach with nostalgic architecture at an extremely affordable price.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - The city that never sleepsThe city that never sleeps Pattaya. Photo: divu.com


Although falling in love with the beauty of the sea here, many people prefer to stay near the entertainment venues in Pattaya at night to fully enjoy the bustling atmosphere in the streets as soon as night falls. Indeed, if during the day, the city is peaceful and poetic with calm scenery, when the sun fades, you will realize the contrasting beauty of the night here with the sudden excitement and excitement. There are pubs, bars, famous pedestrian streets including Soi Beach Road, Soi Buakhao that are bright with lights until the next day and the best performances of visitors. Besides, it is impossible not to mention other attractive clubs and entertainment venues such as lady boy, boxing, variety performances, etc.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - Discover Pattaya at nightExplore Pattaya at night. Photo: dulichlive


This coastal city also proves its special charm with the name 4S: sun, sea, sand and sex. Only in Pattaya, tourists can watch sexy shows because this is the only place licensed by the government to serve as a diverse entertainment and entertainment bridge for tourists from all over the world. ghoul. Among them, Alcazar Cabaret Show, Tiffany Show and sexy show are the 3 hottest shows here.


Travel Guide from Bangkok to Pattaya

If starting from downtown Bangkok, visitors can choose to travel by taxi, bus or train to reach Pattaya. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the most suitable vehicle for your trip to nightlife destinations in Pattaya depending on your own travel costs and plans.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - walking street should not be missedComing to Pattaya, you should not miss the walking street. viantravel's photo


- Taxi : Going by this vehicle will take 2 hours to reach the beautiful coastal city. The total cost for the trip is about 2,000 baht. A small note is that as soon as you step into the car, you must ask the driver to turn on the meter or at least negotiate the price in advance, to avoid unnecessary chopping.


Nightlife venues in Pattaya - Transgender epic showGreat show of transgender people. Photo: halotravel


- Bus : The route Bangkok - Pattaya by bus will take about 2.5 hours. Not much longer than a taxi so this is the choice of most backpackers. The way to go is as follows: If you depart from Suvarnabhumi airport, take the shuttle bus to the Public Transport terminal of the airport, then buy bus tickets 389 to Jomtien or 905 to North Pattaya. If departing from the center of Bangkok, use the bus service right at your hotel, but keep in mind that the cost will be much higher, namely about 400 baht / person. For Thai tourists who want to save money, you can go to the bus station and then depart. But do not forget to remember the departure schedule of the bus stations from Bangkok to Pattaya to arrange a reasonable time and avoid missing the bus.

– Train : If you go by train to Pattaya, you need to first go to Hua Lam Phong station to buy tickets and pick up the car. According to the schedule, the first train will start at 6:55 am with a ticket price of only 31 baht.


Nightlife venues in Pattaya - choose the right barChoose the right bar when visiting Pattaya. Photo: halotravel


1. Walking Street

Address: Located between the end of Pattaya Beach Road and Bali Hai Pier

According to the Thailand travel experience of many tourists, among the busiest nightlife places in Pattaya, it is impossible not to mention Walking Street. Only about 1km long and located between Pattaya Beach Road and Bali Hai Pier, this place is a gathering place of hundreds of clubs, bars, shops, ... creating an extremely bustling atmosphere, especially the live music performance "quality like distilled water".


Nightlife places in Pattaya - a city famous for its entertainmentPattaya - the famous city of Thai entertainment. Photo: halotravel


Not only that, the street art shows and sexy shows with hot lady-boys also make you unable to take your eyes off but just want to immediately immerse yourself in this irresistible vibrant atmosphere. Under the colorful lights, besides live music performances, magic tricks, and circuses, there is also a very unique street food scene with countless Thai delicacies , you should not miss it.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - Walking Street brings together all activitiesWalking Street brings together all kinds of entertainment activities. Photo: dulichlive


It can be said without exaggeration that if Dream World Bangkok is the most famous entertainment center in the Thai capital, Walking Street deserves to be the most famous entertainment place in Pattaya because of the convergence of all the Entertainment activities are so vibrant that people even use the word "ghost city" to name this place because of its tolerance at night, although the prices here are a bit high compared to other places.


2. Scan 6

Address: South Pattaya Beach Garden Hotel, between Beach Road and Second Road.

Soi 6 located between Beach Road and Second Road is also a prominent nightlife spot in Pattaya , although the space is a bit small and cramped. As a "specialized" place, serving only certain customers in separate areas such as girlie bar, this gay bar also owns many types of entertainment that are not suitable for the majority of tourists. . One of the main differences is the liberal and bold performance of the lady-boys in sexy and dancing outfits and vibrant music..


Nightlife places in Pattaya - The hottest place in PattayaThe hottest place in Pattaya is Soi 6. Photo: divu


If you want to have a very special and unforgettable experience, Soi 6 is the place that could not be more suitable for you.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - Soi 6Soi 6 is also a bustling nightlife place. Photo: dulichlive


3. Soi 7 and Soi 8

The next two names in the list of nightlife places in Pattaya will help you have moments to fully enjoy the life of "the city that never sleeps" Pattaya. Those are Soi 7 and Soi 8. If you still don't know what to do at night in Pattaya, then check out the 2 biggest bars and have the sexiest performances in Pattaya on this lively street.

If the evening at Soi 7 is filled with pink neon lights with bars along both sides of the road, the most prominent being Luxor Bar and Pandora Bar, Soi 8 in a small alley next to it is also a place to bring experiences. The most interesting for you with bars but more modern, vibrant and of course with higher prices.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - Pattaya at nightPattaya at night at Soi 7 – Soi 8. Photo: dulichliven


Just as The Venezia in Hua Hin is a luxurious European corner in Phetchaburi province, Soi 8 is also a place that evokes the impression of a high-class destination in Pattaya. The super drink here is a delicious cocktail for only 50 baht at Sailor Bar & Restaurant, so be sure to order it.


4. Check out the Metro

Address: Soi LK Metro is located near LK Metropole hotel, connecting Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana Inn.

Not only is the nightlife spot in Pattaya with diverse bars such as Murphy's Law Irish, Champagne, The Office, Sugar Sugar..., Soi LK Metro is also a place to attract tourists because it is a place where fun activities take place. play very enthusiastically.


The famous nightlife places in Pattaya - go - go bar Soi LK MetroOne of the famous go - go bar Soi LK Metro. Photo: divu


Compared to Walking Street 1 km long, this street is shorter, only about 200m long, but as soon as night falls at Soi LK Metro, you will be immersed in a super bustling go-go bar system with no quality. inferior to the shops on Walking Street. Although some bars are a bit cramped, crowded, but in return this place offers more options for visitors and also has cheaper prices than other amusement parks. A few prominent places that you should visit are Champagne, Sugar Sugar, The Office and Murphy's Law Irish,…


5. Pattayaland

Address: South of Royal Garden Plaza, located between Beach Road and Second Road.

With an extremely convenient location right in front of the pedestrian street and surrounded by two small roads and a part of Beach Road, Pattayaland is also on the list of nightlife places in Pattaya not to be missed. by. Pattayaland owns two extremely famous bars: X-Boys Pattaya Show and Cupidol Bar.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - PattayalandPattayaland has many shops, attractive places to eat at night. Photo: dulichlive


There are also many restaurants, attractive nightlife spots, especially the go go bar experience - literally "dancing" through the night for you. However, if you don't like unhealthy activities, you should research carefully before entering some bars in Pattayaland.

If you are passionate about experience and discovery, here are some outstanding places that you should visit: Cats A Go-Go, X-Boys Pattaya Show and Cupidol Bar in Pattayaland Soi 1, Boyz Town in Pattaya Soi 2 and Soi 3, Classroom Ago-go.

6. Horizon Bar

Location: 333/101 Moo 9, Hilton Pattaya, 34th Floor, Pattaya, Thailand

Opening hours: 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Horizon Bar is located on the 34th floor of the Horizon building and is included in the list of nightlife places in Pattaya because it provides visitors with great culinary experiences as well as recreational activities. view and enjoy the view. Not only has the most beautiful sea view at sunset, delicious cocktails and dishes, but Horizon Bar's music taste is also impeccable because it perfectly matches the scene creating a romantic atmosphere right next to the beach. Pattaya beach. For many visitors, Horizon Bar is the epitome of Royal luxury. With 3 private dining rooms with stunning views, guests can choose one to experience the great nightlife in this metropolis.


7. Hard Rock Café

Location: No. 429 Moo.9 Pattaya Beach Road Nongprue Banglamung Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Operating hours: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM


Nightlife places in Pattaya - Hard Rock CafeHard Rock Cafe - paradise for those who love Rock music. Photo: viantravel


If you are a true fan of Rock and Roll music, don't miss the Hard Rock Café. Because this is the place where visitors can experience the perfect music to close the "crazy" days in the night city of Pattaya.


8. Dancing through the night with Mixx Discotheque

One of the most famous nightlife places in Pattaya that the "players", especially those who dance, cannot be ignored is Mixx Discotheque. With an area of ​​over 900m2, it is one of the largest dance clubs in Thailand and is divided into two main areas. A special feature is that the entrance here is free, so you can choose to turn left or right to find the right amusement park for you.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - Mixx DiscothequeMixx Discotheque is for those who love to dance. Photo: viantravel


The two most popular music genres here are hiphop and RnB with a vibrant stage area. Mixx Discotheque also shows its willingness to play when it has its own stage for those who want to show stylish dances and also comfortable seats after "dancing". This place promises to be an attractive nightlife destination in Thailand that you will never forget in your travel guide.


9. Night Market

In addition, according to the cheap Pattaya travel experiences , if you have the opportunity to go through the intersection between South Pattaya and Second Road, remember to go a little further because you will see a quite crowded night market. This place sells all kinds of delicious Thai street food from seafood, baked goods to fruits. This is the ideal place to enjoy the specialties of Pattaya. The most prominent are grilled salted carp, grilled skewers of all kinds, grilled shrimp, grilled squid, grilled snakehead fish, and even grilled scorpion at extremely affordable prices.


Nightlife places in Pattaya - Night MarketNight market in Pattaya. Photo: dulichvietnam


It is also impossible not to mention two typical dishes of Pattaya, Somtum, which usually costs 40 baht (1 plate for 2 people to eat) and Tomyum (seafood soup) with 100 baht. And if you just need to eat full stomach, you can buy barbecue rice for only 40 baht.

Depending on the schedule, time and cost, visitors can choose for themselves a suitable stop among the nightlife places in Pattaya . But no matter where you choose, you should spend at least one night to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of playing hard and having fun of this dreamy city by day and by night. The moments of living and playing hard at a night party, at a bustling bar or experiencing top-notch cuisine at a restaurant or night market,... will definitely remain the most fun and unforgettable moments in your life. Your journey to discover Pattaya.