There is a beautiful My Binh lake like a muse in the heart of Binh Dinh

 Binh Dinh not only has attractive green beaches, unique Cham Pa culture or majestic historical sites, but also has a My Binh lake "full of love poetry" that makes people's hearts flutter.

About My Binh Lake Binh Dinh

Not as famous as Nui Mot lake in An Nhon, but My Binh lake located in Hoai Phu commune, about 22km from Bong Son town center, is also considered the largest freshwater lake in Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province.

In the past, the lake was simply a place to supply water for agricultural production activities of the people as well as for the Tam Quan water purification plant, but it was far from the center, so it was quite deserted and little known. But now, because the scenery is so peaceful and fresh, it attracts more and more tourists to visit, especially young people who love to travel.


There is a beautiful My Binh lake like a muse in the heart of Binh DinhThe lake is as beautiful as a picture (Photo FB Hien Phuong)


The clear and pure beauty of My Binh Lake

Although not too large, My Binh Hoai Nhon lake impresses with its open space, the lake's clear and peaceful surface like a giant mirror reflecting everything, making it not like being expanded, surrounded by hugs. Surrounded by hills and green mountains create an extremely charming painting.


verdant - highlight at My Binh lakeBlue lake with one color (Photo @lnn961112)


On the surface of the lake, there is an octagonal observatory painted in brilliant yellow like a modern version of the moon hall, making anyone who comes here can't help but step in and take a look. This is also a great place for you to enjoy the lake view and enjoy the cool breeze.


observatory - highlight of My Binh lake MỹOutstanding observatory on the lake (Photo @dtt_hana)


On one side of My Binh lake is a long dyke which is poured with clean concrete and a well-built and solidly built dam. It separates the lake with a vast stretch of green grass, creating a scene filled with youthful breath, so it is extremely suitable for a stress-free weekend picnic with friends and relatives.

However, the point that attracts the most visitors here is the moment of dawn, when the sun has just appeared behind the mountains, the dew on the lake has not dissipated, the red sun dyes both the sky and the water. creating distinct color patches like a unique oil painting, making everyone unable to take their eyes off.


dawn - beautiful space at My Binh lakeSuper charming sunrise scene (Photo @loanloan)

Great experiences at My Binh Lake

According to the experience of traveling to My Binh lake of young people who have gone before, this is a suitable place for short trips - where you do not have too many games to play or places to see but enough peace and relaxation. for you to let go of all your worries and pressures of life that surround you every day.


fresh - space at My Binh lake hồA poetic scene at the lake (Photo FB Quynh Nhu)


You can leisurely walk on the dyke or the bridge connecting to the observatory in the middle of the lake to admire the beautiful scenery here and take a deep breath of the fresh, fresh air of nature that in a prosperous city. flowers won't be there. 

But it will be the best if you bring a camping tent or simply a canvas to make a light picnic here, the feeling of lounging on the grass and looking up at the sky guessing the shape of white clouds in the deep blue sky. It will definitely make you feel like going back to your childhood full of innocence and peace.


Picnic - interesting activity at My Binh lakePicnic is a very popular activity at the lake (Photo


Moreover, My Binh Hoai Phu lake is also quite far from residential areas and there are quite a few people visiting, so the space is extremely quiet, you can comfortably chat or bring a guitar to sing without fear of being disturbed or disturbed. Who do you affect?

In particular, this place has beautiful scenery and green space, so if you want to have a youthful mag photo, My Binh will be an extremely ideal place. In addition, there are also some corners such as: stairs leading to the way to the observatory in the middle of the lake or the dyke with cracked pieces of soil... it seems simple, but if you take a good picture, it will look great. always.


Virtual river - interesting activities at My Binh lakeQuality staircase corner (Photo @_ul.wpw)


Virtual living corner at My Binh lakeNice virtual living corner (Photo @paopaoo_____)


Revealing, this place is mainly blue, a little wild and simple, so choose outfits with a little bright colors such as: white, red, yellow, orange ... will make you stand out, also Like the photo, it will be brighter, of course, if you know how to mix a few accessories, it will be even better and better.


Some notes when visiting My Binh Lake

Arrival time : The most ideal time to admire the scenery and take pictures at My Binh Lake is in the morning or at sunset, because at this time the sun is not too harsh, the air is not too hot, but the space is still covered with colors. Attractive yellow rose, creating a unique beauty that captivates people.


dawn - precious moment at My Binh lake hồSuper shimmering dawn on the lake (Photo @kimvu_0702)


Things to bring : There are not many trees around the lake area as well as places to shade, so bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and remember to apply sunscreen when visiting on summer days. to protect the body.

If you want to have a picnic with your friends here, you should "preserve" food, water and carpets, because there are not many shops nearby, if there are, there are quite a few uncertain items. Did you meet your needs?

How to get there : From Quy Nhon city center, you follow Dong Da street, turn left onto Highway 19, then turn right onto Provincial road 638, then enter and Quang Trung street / National highway 1A, arrive at Bao Viet Nhan Tho turns left on March 26, then at Dong Noi Restaurant turn left onto Dao Duy Tu street, at the end of the street turn left on Nguyen Chi Thanh street and go straight to My Binh freshwater lake .

For those of you who are not sure about your level of village finding, just go and ask the locals to make sure, I'm sure everyone will tell you enthusiastically. And although the road will be quite far, but because the road is wide and easy to go, it will be very suitable for those who want to escape from the city to a peaceful and poetic region.


peaceful - impressive point of My Binh lakeThe poetic scenery of the lake (Photo Facebook Vuong Hai Yen)


If you are bored with the crowded beaches in Quy Nhon, the fresh and quiet My Binh Lake is your ideal stop during your Binh Dinh trip .