Millions of colorful lights at Dubai Garden Glow - a unique art garden in Dubai

 Dubai is a place full of lovely attractions, and Dubai Garden Glow is one of them!

Dubai tourism remains vibrant right from the biggest shopping malls to entertainment venues. Dubai is an excitement for all visitors to visit. Dubai Garden Glowis one of the top tourist attractions, especially if you want to make your night stand out. The garden gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the art of lights.

Dubai Garden Glow - the garden of colored lights

The Garden Glow Dubai is a beautiful garden in Zabeel Park . So named, in the evening this garden will shine brightly. The best thing about this point is that what you see here is a wonder made of biodegradable items from recyclables. Dubai Garden Glow is not only a place for entertainment but also for education.


Dubai Garden GlowThe Garden transforms from an art arena by day into a glowing garden at night


The colorful light-themed garden hopes to promote awareness of global warming and carbon emissions and make the earth a safer place for future generations. It introduces children to diverse flora and fauna and teaches them about their importance and role in ecological balance. 


On December 23, 2015, Dubai Garden Glow opened its doors to everyone - Dubai Garden GlowOn December 23, 2015, Dubai Garden Glow opened its doors to everyone


Glow Dubai Park  is made up of more than a million energy efficient light bulbs and recycled luminous fabrics.

With tons of exciting attractions and unprecedented new designs,  Dubai Glow Garden opens its doors to 3 distinct areas: Art Park, Dinosaur Park and Glow Garden, all of which feature attractions. and experiences for all ages. With a record of 100 animated dinosaurs, it is the largest dinosaur park in the world.


The park has more than 10 million LED lights - Dubai Garden GlowThe park has more than 10 million LED lights


Educational and recreational centers where you can learn about the dinosaur era and the large snakes that existed during that period. Explore the virtual background of the Dinosaur Lab and explore the skeletons of the Dinosaur Museum. And finally, you can enjoy a magical walk at Glow Park, a giant-sized indoor garden surrounded by lights. The park changes shape each season, inspired by nature, fireworks and world wonders.  

The live aquatic installation is filled with giant jellyfish glittering in the sky with their sparkling reflections in the lake.


Brightly colored garden hopes to encourage awareness of global warming - Dubai Garden GlowThe brightly colored garden hopes to encourage awareness of global warming


Street food is served in trucks and stalls throughout the park, including theme park favorites like hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream. Along with the spectacular installations and vibrant flowers all around, there are also acrobatic performances to make the night even more alive. It's a perfect place to spend an evening, making memories with friends and family. 


There are several different attractions in the park - Dubai Garden GlowThere are several different attractions in the park, each with a very unique theme


Dubai Garden Glow remains closed every summer. The park will reopen in October. So the best time to visit is during winter. Visitors can visit Dubai Garden Glow between October and May every year. During this time, to witness the change of the Park from a wonderful work of art to a glow-in-the-dark garden, one must get there just before sunset, around 5:30pm .


Attractions in Dubai Garden Glow

1. Ice Park:  This is one of the greatest creations in Dubai Garden Glow , offering visitors the utopian experience of sub-freezing temperatures in the heart of a tropical desert climate. Visitors are provided with thermal jackets to adventure into the Ice Park set to -7oC. The Ice Park, and a simulation of life-sized monuments and wildlife, is the brainchild of 150 highly skilled artists from around the world, using 5000 tons of solid ice. The icy structures of Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Ice Age movie characters, and Mini Dubai are the attractions of this Ice Park.

2. Dinosaur Park : This amusement park takes visitors to the prehistoric times of the Mesozoic era when deadly predators like Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, etc. roamed the planet. 120 electromechanical devices simulated as dinosaurs are built to life-like sizes that make visitors fall in love. The engaging and interactive Dinosaur Laboratory showcases the life cycles of these majestic creatures, while the Dinosaur Museum displays fossil replicas and dinosaur skeletons.


Dinosaur Park - Dubai Garden GlowDinosaur Park


3. Dubai Garden Glow Art Park : Artwork created by 200 industrious, highly creative people from all over the world in 60 days with 500,000 reusable products such as porcelain, glass, etc. Glasses, vinyl records, bottles and countless CDs fascinate visitors. Replica of the beautiful Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque using 90,000 porcelain plates, spoons and cups has left visitors in awe and admiration. Equally fascinating is the reconstruction of the Burj Khalifa with its 330,000 glass jars and various stunning renditions such as the giant gaur, the colorful swan, the King Cobra, the panda, the peacock, and the elephant.


Art Park is a beautiful new world with 100% recyclable items -Dubai Garden GlowArt Park is a beautiful new world with 100% recyclable items


4. The Glow Park : The largest glow-in-the-dark theme park is a masterpiece created by 500 eminently skilled engineers, architects and craftsmen, attracting and pleasing crowds of all ages. Replica of Wildlife from Maasai Mara (Kenya), replica of a tulip garden from the Netherlands and countless aquatic creatures of the ocean, illuminated by millions of energy-saving bulbs and tones of luminous eco products will leave you spellbound.


The Glow Park - Dubai Garden GlowThe Glow . Park


5. Flower Wally:  Giant multi-colored lanterns, glowing wildlife sculptures, and brilliantly crafted structures that mimic nature and its landscape make it stunning in the daytime night.


Flower Wally - Dubai Garden GlowFlower Wally


6. Colorful world: The game of light, color, form and laser effect creates a psychedelic effect on visitors. A journey through the Colorful World is magical and unforgettable.

7. The Road to Happiness:  It is an homage to Dubai that has put happiness as a yardstick for development in the UAE. The magnificent installation of the Happiness road testifies to this cause and delights the crowd.


Dubai Garden Glow - Dubai Garden GlowPath to happiness


8. My Dubai:   This part of Dubai Garden Glow presents life in Dubai as a theme with vibrant installations.

9. Glowing Safari:   take visitors on a safari trip with life-sized wildlife figurines glowing, melodious music and light games for thrills and excitement really.


Glowing Safari - Dubai Garden GlowGlowing Safari


10. The Happy Forest: This place features installations that depict nature and wildlife as a motif with recyclable luminous fabrics.