Lotus has bloomed, dress up in Tay Son lotus dress to live in a virtual life lest you miss it!

 Referring to Binh Dinh is referring to the clear blue beaches and impressive works. But if you are looking for a more peaceful and rustic space, Tay Son lotus pond is for you.

Located in Phu Lac village, Binh Thanh commune, Tay Son district, Binh Dinh province and about 45km west of Quy Nhon city center, Tay Son lotus pond becomes a tourist destination every time it is in full bloom. hot hit" attracts many visitors.

Beautiful scenery like the love language of Tay Son lotus pond

The lotus pond in Phu Lac is up to 1ha wide - the largest in Binh Dinh province, surrounded by immense rice fields, in the distance is a gentle winding river and green, rolling mountains. to a peaceful, relaxing space, washing away all the troubles and fatigue of long-distance travelers.


The poetic scene - the highlight of the Tay Son lotus pondThe poetic scene of the lotus pond (Photo FB Lam Tham)


There are many kinds of lotuses here, but mainly pink lotus species, big flowers, many wings, long lasting and long-lasting fragrance, so right from standing on the road far away, we were fascinated by the sweet and fragrant fragrance. its tenderness. And then when approaching the Tay Son lotus pond , admiring the lush lotus flowers rising from the foliage and proudly showing off their sweet and loving beauty under the golden sunshine, we suddenly felt the hot sun. The harshness of Nau seems to have become strangely cool.


Big lotus - a special feature of Tay Son lotus pond đầmThe lotus here is very big and beautiful (Photo @thu.ntlt)


Compared to other lotus ponds in the Central region, Tay Son may not be as famous, but its romantic, peaceful and poetic scenery is not available everywhere. Especially when the flowers are spread wide and bloom quite thickly like a giant flower cloth that any fairy forgets on earth, making everyone unable to refuse.

In particular, this lotus pond in Binh Dinh is also decorated with many miniatures to serve the photography needs of tourists such as: a pyramid-shaped hut with yellow straw roofs in the middle of the lake, and beautiful dinghy canoes. , bamboo bridge across the lagoon, rustic wooden tables and chairs or ancient brown ceramic vases... Then from there, not only girls but also couples in love or bride and groom come. Wedding photography will also "break in love" for you to see.


boat - virtual living miniature in Tay Son lotus lagoon đầmThe boat to live virtual on the lotus pond (Photo FB Vo Ha Ai Nhi)


Virtual life - activity not to be missed at Tay Son lotus pondCouples who come here to take pictures are always off the table (Photo FB Do Dinh Thi)

The ideal time to visit Tay Son lotus pond

If you want to take pictures with lotus flowers, you will have no choice but to come in the right lotus season. Therefore, the most ideal time to travel to Tay Son lotus pond is from May to September every year, this is also the time when the sun is at its most shimmering, allowing you to fully admire the beauty of the pink lotus flowers. not contaminated with bare dust”.


Summer - the time when lotus flowers in Tay Son lotus pond are in full bloomGolden sunshine combined with pink lotus and green leaves is a masterpiece (Fb photo Diem Diem)


And the best time of the day to visit and live virtual is at dawn when the dawn rises until 8 o'clock and at sunset, dyeing the space in a brilliant orange-yellow color. At these moments, the sun is not too bright, harsh, does not affect your skin and eyes, and also adds color to the photo, what could be more wonderful than this.


sunset - beautiful moment at Tay Son lotus pondPhotographed at sunset as beautiful as poetry (Photo FB Nguyen Hoang Thi Thoa)


If you have time, you should visit the lotus pond on weekdays, because on weekends and holidays, the flow of people from inside and outside the province is quite crowded, it will be easy to "stick people" when taking photos. .


Tips for taking beautiful photos with Tay Son lotus dress

Besides watching the most beautiful sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon, or a "blink" with a heart, in order to have a virtual live image of "thousands of likes" with a lotus dress in Tay Son you need to wear elegant costumes. elegant and gentle to be able to harmonize with the simple and simple beauty of the lotus color in the land of Binh Dinh. Accordingly, the pure white dresses will be very "tone sur tone" with the scene, especially if you have ao dai, ba ba shirt or pretty peach bibs combined with the black skirts of the old girls. The picture will be brighter and more attractive.


Ao Dai - outfit taken with Tay Son lotus dress đầmAo Dai and lotus is a "national" combination (Photo Facebook Bich Luu)


Moreover, interact a lot with the miniatures available in the lotus pond such as: leisurely walking on a bamboo bridge, sitting by a ceramic pot to water the lotus or sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake and inhaling the fragrant lotus scent. sweet... make sure it's "not beautiful, don't take money".


interacting with miniatures - how to take beautiful photos at Tay Son lotus pond đầmCreate a natural pose with miniatures (Photo FB Ly Thi Ut Kieu)

How to move to Tay Son lotus pond?

From Quy Nhon city center, you go northeast to National Highway 19, then turn right onto National Highway 19B / Provincial Road 636, after crossing Con River, turn left onto Ngoc Han Street, at the end of the road turn right On Dong Da Street, at the 2nd junction, turn left onto Kien Thanh Street.

Then keep going straight to reach Sen Tay Son on the left side of the road. However, it should be noted that this road is an unnamed village road, so if you are afraid of getting lost, you can just go and ask the people in the village.

If you are used to  the beaches in Binh Dinh that  are sunny and windy but full of noise, then let your soul relax at the peaceful Tay Son lotus pond  , just buy countless beautiful photos and can relax your soul, what else? better than here.