Lost in the European autumn at Ta Ma stream in Binh Dinh

 Binh Dinh not only has poetic beaches or heroic historical sites, but also has a romantic Ta Ma stream with a Korean movie title that makes people fall in love.

In Ha Ri village, Vinh Hiep commune - where mainly Ba Na people live, about 7km from the center of Vinh Thanh mountainous district of Binh Dinh province and about 80km from Quy Nhon city to the northwest, there is a bobbin carrying Ta Ma's name is as beautiful as a fairy scene and has been attracting a lot of visitors every day.

A beautiful picture like a fairy at Ta Ma stream, Binh Dinh

It is still the same clear, cool water flows gently flowing through the rocky crevices creating a pleasant murmuring sound and also the water pouring down from above with white foam like the flowing hair of a woman. fairies cross the mountains.

However, the special feature that makes Ta Ma stream become so attractive to visitors is the two rows of water plants stretching on both sides of the stream. Normally when you come here, you will find it nothing outstanding, just the old green canopy radiating shade, but when you come here at the end of spring and early summer, you will definitely be amazed at the frame. The scene is covered with red, yellow, and orange colors like thousands of flames are shining in the whole sky here.


Lost in the European autumn at Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhYellow flowers on the stream look very attractive (Photo by Phan Phong Phu)


This flower has the same shape as the flower in the plains but grows in clusters and spreads throughout the canopy, even thicker and more dense than the leaves, so in each season it blooms, combined with soft yellow sunlight. of the sun makes us feel that all the scenes around   Ta Ma stream  like rocks or water are also infected with an attractive and prominent golden light.

Moreover, the faint fragrance of flowers, floating in the space combined with the flower branches swaying in the wind, dreamily reflected in the clear stream surface, creating a poetic scene like a fairy-tale place, making everyone wonder willing to look away. 


Trang flower - beautiful flower at Ta Ma stream, Binh DinhAs beautiful as the European autumn (Photo FB Nguyen Bao Quoc)


Revealing, this flower only blooms once a year and it takes 10 to 15 years to bloom most brilliantly, so once the flower has bloomed without visiting, it is a pity to see.

Under a fairy-tale scene like this, without taking some pictures, it's really a mistake to nature. Accordingly, the large and flat rocks or the romantic wooden bridge over the tree is the most ideal place for tourists to choose as a place to record the moments of a lifetime.


Virtual life - interesting activities at Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhVirtual life all happens (Photo Fb Le Thanh Hai)


In addition, the cool and fresh space of Ta Ma eco-tourism area is also an extremely great place for visitors to immerse themselves in the cool water and organize camping and picnics along the banks under the trees. The original page is flaming to connect emotions, it's sure to be fun to know.


Picnic - activity not to be missed at Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhA lot of people come here for a picnic (Photo FB Vo Thi Dao Hoa)


Those who want to experience more can go back up the forest path to the cold stream Ta Hom with clear water and many beautiful waterfalls located on high, along with the strange Ba Chieu deep water. It will definitely give you an extremely memorable trip to see.


Waterfall - beautiful destination near Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhThe waterfalls are as beautiful as poetry (Photo: LAM THIEN)


Popular destinations near Ta Ma stream that tourists should visit

If you have time to visit Ta Ma stream tourist area , do not rush back because there are many beautiful scenes around this place that will make you fall in love. Typically: Binh Dinh's largest hydroelectric lake is as clear and peaceful as the vast sea, the victory monument was built with more than 48 billion VND full of pride and passionate patriotism.

There is also: Ha Ri traditional brocade village full of unique bags, dresses, scarves that will be meaningful Binh Dinh tourist gifts to give to friends and relatives, fish ponds Uncle Ho is full of meaning or the monumental Khoi Nghia Vinh Thanh monument.

In particular, if traveling to Ta Ma stream on Tet holiday, visitors can also visit the beautiful cherry blossom forest and sunflower forest like a fairy, and in winter, they can visit Vinh Thanh Hot Springs tourist area. To take a stress-relieving mineral bath.

How to get to Ta Ma stream?

From Quy Nhon city center, you go to the northwest along Highway 19 to bridge 16, then turn into Vinh Thanh town. Then, follow the Dau road to Binh Dinh lake, cross the bridge and continue the concrete road for more than 1km to Ha Ri traditional brocade village - a village of the Ba Na people. 

From here, you go to an old banyan tree in the village, then turn left onto the inter-commune concrete road and go about 100m more to Ta Ma stream . Village roads are easy to get lost and sometimes google maps are not standard, so it's best to just go and ask the locals.


Lost in the European autumn at Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhThe stream is extremely prominent (Photo FB Diep Kim Hoa)


Some notes when visiting Ta Ma stream 

- Go early or go on weekdays to avoid crowds. Especially in the summer, tourists and locals come to visit and relax a lot.

- Going to the suspension bridge is extremely dangerous, so everyone remember to pay attention to the broken wire, don't stand on the suspension bridge when you see a lot of people, no matter how much you love beautiful scenery or love virtual life, you still have to pay attention to safety. own.


Go up the suspension bridge carefully - be careful when coming to Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhThe suspension bridge is beautiful but quite dangerous, so you should walk carefully (Photo FB Dinh Hung)


- The cliffs on and around the stream are also quite slippery, so if you intend to go up to take pictures or rest, be very careful.

Ta Ma Ta Hom Stream is located in the mountains, almost unexploited for tourism, the path is mainly trails, so it will require a lot of physical strength, as well as quite difficult to find the way, so please go with a guide or Ask a local for directions, google "sister" is completely unreliable in this area.

- Bring insect repellent, sunscreen and full food and water, because around the stream there will be no restaurants to serve you.


food - indispensable thing when coming to Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhTake the initiative to bring food and drink (Photo FB Sunny Summer)


- Should wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move and light in color such as: white, light blue or brightly colored ones such as red, orange, yellow... to tone sur tone with the scene. If you want to take many unique photos, you can bring 2 or more sets, and of course you need to bring tools to change because there is no place to change such as raincoats and sundresses.


light colored shirt - how to take pictures with Ta Ma stream in Binh DinhBright clothes on the picture will be very beautiful (Photo FB Hoai Thuong)


- Usually people will take pictures through apps to get brilliant pictures, but because the scenery here is already very beautiful, we encourage you to take regular cams so that the photos are clear and natural.

- In particular, don't break branches to pick flowers, don't throw garbage indiscriminately, pack everything you put into a bag and bring it down the mountain when you return, like how many resorts have said: Leave nothing but footprints, and take nothing but pictures.” Let's keep this place as clear as it has been for us.

This hot summer needs cool places to cool off, so a trip to Binh Dinh to the fresh, cool Ta Ma stream is the ideal choice for you.