There is a forest of nipa palm trees in Quang Ngai as beautiful as a painting, have you been?

 Not as famous as the Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An, but those who once set foot in the nipa forest in Quang Ngai are "drunk" by its peaceful and charming beauty.

About the nipa forest in Quang Ngai

Located along the waterfront Beijing Jiang is a forest of coconut water green stretches across the Tinh Khe Tinh Ky and Tinh Hoa, from Khe beach a few hundred meters from the center of the city of Quang Ngai, Quang Ngai province about 17km.


The nipa forest in Quang Ngai is as beautiful as a paintingDreamy water coconut forest (Photo @nguyenthuan1611)


It is known that this nipa forest in Quang Ngai has existed since ancient times, and is now more than a hundred years old. Moreover, with the rugged terrain "dark leaves", this place also contributed a great contribution in the enemy sweeps into Tinh Khe commune and surrounding areas in the past. Typically, in 1969, this coconut forest protected soldiers from the 48th battalion - Quang Ngai province and the guerrillas of Tinh Khe commune to defeat more than 100 enemy soldiers in the republican battalion and 2 soldiers. When the US security team came to invade, they also set fire to the armored vehicle M113.

With great historical value and poetic beauty, Tinh Khe water coconut forest has been recognized as a cultural and historical relic of the province and has become one of the impressive eco-tourism areas of Quang Ngai, attracting the attention of tourists. Many tourists come to visit every day.


Nipa palm forest in Quang Ngai – a charming picture of nature

In the past, the nipa forest near Co Luy Co Thon grew close together and spread over hundreds of hectares like a giant green carpet embracing rivers and villages, but after a long time of exploitation to serve the world. For living and production activities, now it has only 9 hectares left.


green color - the beauty of the nipa forest in Quang Ngai1 color green (Photo @trunglna)


However, the people have cleverly exploited it to not only lose its function as a "green lung" to regulate the climate for Quang Ngai, but it also makes the coconut forest landscape bring a unique and impressive look. Not even the famous Bay Mau nipa forest does not exist.

That is, the nipa forest in Quang Ngai has clear lines, when viewed from top to bottom, it will look like a green urban area being carefully planned for construction or countless giant mirrors. with many unique shapes put together, reflecting the blue of the sky, so beautiful that it can't be described in words.


divided into cells - the unique feature of the nipa forest in Quang NgaiCoconut forest divided into cells (Photo @Shutterstock)


Moreover, although it is located near the famous beach, because this place has not been subjected to many tourism activities with modern technology of humans, it still retains the wild features, subtle poetic charm. traveller.


Great experiences at the nipa palm forest in Quang Ngai

Sightseeing boat ride

You can take any vehicle to Tinh Khe village, but if you want to fully see the beauty of the nipa forest near My Khe beach , the only way is to use a boat or boat. In particular, if you both want to visit and experience, then rent a boat to row yourself, and if you want to relax to take photos, you should rent a boat with a rower.

In particular, go slowly so that you can clearly admire each poetic beauty of the green coconut trees like giant combs or the red and green tiled houses nestled under the trees and looming behind. coconut shadow, forming a poetic and lyrical landscape picture.


Boat ride - popular activity at the nipa palm forest in Quang NgaiSailing is a favorite activity (Photo @nhavitrang)


Even if you're lucky, you can also encounter rare water coconut flowers that bloom once every decade, large in size, blooming into many branches radiating in all directions with eye-catching saffron colors and radiating colors. The scent wafts far away from an area. And at that time, don't forget to immediately pick up the phone and "capture" that "forever" moment as a memory.


Nypa flower - the highlight of the nipa forest in Quang NgaiUnique water coconut flowers (Photo: FB Quang Tran)


Moreover, the nipa forest in Quang Ngai is like a maze that the more you explore, the more interesting and surprising things you will find like a mysterious magic book, plus the air is extremely fresh and cool, so you can comfortably explore every corner without getting bored.

Discover the interesting life of local people

It can be said that the nipa forest in Tinh Khe will never run out of value, even if it doesn't have to fight the war or become an eco-tourism destination, because the coconut leaves after drying can be used for roofing, fuel or woven into baskets, baskets and some small and beautiful handicrafts for sale.

In addition, the coconut forest in the winter is often a great place to stay away from the cold of wild birds and storks, and under the coconut trees is the shelter and breeding place of many species of shrimp and brackish mullet. , freshwater crabs, snails, crabs, rice straw, oysters, mussels, clams or eels… and become the main source of income for people in the area.


fishing - people's activities in the nipa palm forest in Quang NgaiPeople harvest shrimp and fish (Photo @duongph217)


Then, when traveling to the nipa palm forest in Quang Ngai , an interesting hobby that attracts many people is to swim with the locals in the middle of the forest and then spread out to catch fish and shrimp and return with a boat full of cities. fruit with a bright smile on his lips.


Visit Co Luy village

The gentle Kinh Giang river also leads to Co Luy village, also known as Co Luy Co Thon, so if you go along the river, you can not only explore the nipa forest in Quang Ngai but also visit a rare place. Hoi converges many factors such as: immense rivers and seas, majestic mountains and peaceful villages.

Moreover, Co Luy Co Thon is also included in the list of 12 famous landscapes of Quang Ngai province with beautiful and charming natural scenery throughout the four seasons, so this experience will make you unforgettable.


The ancient citadel of the village - a destination near the nipa palm forest in Quang NgaiThe poetic Co Luy Co Thon (Photo: Nguyen Van Dong)


How to move to the nipa forest in Quang Ngai

From the center of Quang Ngai city, visitors go east to Nguyen Nghiem towards Quang Trung street, go through the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to Tra Khuc bridge, then turn onto Highway 24B (or Tran Van Tra street). Go to Quy Phat Electrical and Mechanical Store, turn right, then enter My Tra - My Khe Street to reach Tinh Khe Commune. From here, you just go and ask the people in the area to reach the nipa palm forest.

If you are bored with the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine full of people on hot summer days, give the nipa forest in Quang Ngai an appointment to feel the peaceful, poetic scenery like the West River where's the water!