Super detailed Bui Hui Quang Ngai steppe picnic experience

 Referring to Quang Ngai, people often think of Ly Son island and romantic beaches, but few people know that majestic mountains, such as Bui Hui steppe in the middle of the sky, also have a charm irresistible.

Where is Bui Hui steppe?

Bui Hui is a vast steppe located at an altitude of nearly 700m above sea level, in Ba Trang commune, Ba To district, Quang Ngai province and about 60km southwest of Quang Ngai city center.

On the tourist map, this is probably a relatively new place, but for backpackers and teams who love to travel, the Bui Hui steppe is an extremely familiar and attractive picnic destination during the weekends.


The poetic scenery of the Bui Hui steppeGreen steppe in the sun (Photo FB Tu Uyen)


How to get to Bui Hui steppe

From the center of Quang Ngai city, you go by car or motorbike to the West along Nguyen Nghiem street to Phan Dinh Phung, then turn left at Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank onto Nguyen Cong Phuong street, until the end of the road. Enter the provincial road 624, ie Pham Van Dong street, go to Hanh Ly restaurant, turn right to Cong Hoa Bridge. 

Then turn right onto provincial road 624B, go about 15km, then turn right onto National Highway 24. Continue going straight to the Bridge and then merge into road 3/2 and turn left at Ton Hoa Phat - Ba To onto provincial road 629. At this time. , you will have to cross the winding, zigzag road of the pass along the mountainside to reach the green steppe of Hui Hui in the middle of heaven and earth.


car - means of transportation to Bui Hui steppeThe road is wide enough for even cars to go (Photo Fb Dong Hai)


Best time to visit Bui Hui steppe

Located on a high mountain, except for rainy days that make the mountain road slippery and dangerous, you can always come here for a picnic. However, the most ideal time to visit Bui Hui is in the summer and autumn. Because the cool breeze on the steppe can dispel the heat and discomfort of the sun. Above all, in March is the season of forest guava fruiting, and from May to September is the season of myrtle blooms, extremely attractive.

In addition, you also avoid going in the midday sun, because up here there are not many old trees to shade. It is best to go in the evening and stay overnight and return the next morning.


afternoon - good time to go to Bui Hui steppeGoing in the afternoon is the most suitable (Photo FB Thanh Bui)


Poetic and painting-like scenery on the grasslands of Bui Hui 

Located at the top of the hill, you have to overcome many difficulties to get up, but when you arrive at Bui Hui grassland , admire the green grassland stretching endlessly in the fresh, cool and pleasant atmosphere, Visitors will feel that the effort is extremely worth it. That is probably also the reason why the name "sleeping princess of Quang Ngai" is favored for this place. 


Green grass - the highlight of Bui Hui steppeVast grassland (Photo @_hienstore_)


In addition, when standing here, you can also watch the majestic hills intertwine one after another running to the end of the horizon, below are peaceful valleys with red-roofed houses appearing in the morning mist. Golden rice fields like the sun and gentle rivers winding and winding, forming a charming and beautiful picture.


The mountains overlap - interesting point of Bui Hui steppeMountains and clouds surrounded by clouds (Photo @woang99)


Moreover, on the Bui Hui steppe,  there are areas full of large and small rocks with different interesting shapes, which, under the bright sunlight of the sunset sun, create unique, extremely dark and bright spaces. It's perfect for your artistic virtual life photos.


the rocks - a unique feature of the Bui Hui steppeVirtually living on unique rocks (Photo Fb Huynguyen Pham)


It can be said that there is no luxury beauty, but the peaceful, pure and mysterious scenery of the great thousand is enough to make anyone who comes here to "fall in love" and save their lives. do not want to return.


Romantic myrtle season on Bui Hui steppe

Bui Hui Grass Hill  is known as the place that owns the most sims in Quang Ngai with about 20 hectares. So if you come here from May to July - when myrtle flowers are in full bloom, you will see the steppe as a new purple shirt full of romance and dreams.


Myrtle flowers - interesting features on the grasslands of Bui HuiMyrtle flowers bloom on the steppe (Photo @huynh.nguyen.944)


Although the myrtle flower does not have the beauty of a red rose, it is not as bright as the yellow chrysanthemum or is as fragile as the peach blossom, and it is not as gentle and pure as the plum blossom, but its rustic and true nature When placed on this immense steppe full of sunshine, it creates an undeniable charm.

Revealed, the poetic myrtle season on the Bui Hui steppe only blooms beautifully for 1 month, then fades away to make room for the blossoming myrtle fruit, so if you don't want to miss that "fairy" moment. So prepare for your trip as soon as possible.


Myrtle flower - the charm of Bui Hui steppeMyrtle blooms beautifully but soon fades (Photo FB Canh Le)


As for the myrtle harvest season (around August, September), the whole steppe becomes extremely vibrant, because of the scene where people in the nearby H'Re ethnic village are busy picking sims for processing. turn into sim wine or sim password to earn extra income. So, if you come here at this time, you will also be infected with their joy and eagerness, and then suddenly feel that the simplicity and sincerity also become strangely lovely.

Memorable experiences at Bui Hui steppe

Although there are countless beautiful virtual living angles for you to promote your photography skills, the Bui Hui prairie is still more suitable for experience enthusiasts, so setting up a tent to sleep overnight will be Activities not to be missed here.


Camping - attractive activities in the Bui Hui steppeCamping is a popular activity on the savannah (Photo Facebook Dinh Tien Doctor)


With this activity, you can watch the romantic natural scenery at sunset, sing songs together at dusk, grill meat around the flickering fire, and when night falls, lie on the grass and relax on the grass. Watching the sky full of shimmering stars like the Milky Way is guaranteed to be fun.


Stargazing at night - a must-do activity in the Bui Hui steppeThe scene of the night sky is extremely fanciful (Photo Facebook Nguyen To Linh)


Above all, after waking up, you will admire the sunrise that dyes the whole space pink and the sea of ​​white clouds floating around the tops of the mountains, like a place where you think that just reaching out your hand is already there. can hug.


Cloud hunting - interesting experience at Bui Hui steppeHunting fanciful clouds in the early morning (Photo @rinhlun2020)


In addition, if on the right occasion the guava (the wild guava the size of a thumb) is ripe and sweet, you can freely pick and enjoy them, which will definitely be great.


Some notes when traveling to Bui Hui steppe

- The road is quite far and the pass is quite difficult to go, so only professional backpackers or those with solid handlebars should take the wheel.

- Check the car carefully before going, especially the health of the engine and the brakes. In particular, riding a digital car will be safer than a scooter.

- Bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen because on the Bui Hui steppe in Quang Ngai, the  sun will shine directly on, quite toxic to eyes and skin.

- If you intend to camp overnight, take the initiative to bring tents, food, drinking water, pots, pans, stoves, firewood, light bulbs, blankets or entertainment items such as guitars, phones full of batteries, etc. Camera, power bank, speaker…


Prepare furniture - pay attention when traveling to the Bui Hui steppeTake the initiative to bring the necessary items (Photo @duong_gnoud)


It is known that the Bui Hui steppe is about to be invested in a picnic area and promises to be an extremely attractive destination in the near future in Quang Ngai, so what are you waiting for without taking your backpack and leaving now!