Mount Faber Park - a tropical forest on the top of a mountain in Singapore

 Mount Faber Park is a fascinating place to look down on Sentosa and the port of Keppel below, along with a path for panoramic views of Singapore from the top!

Mount Faber Park - green space in Singapore

Mount Faber, originally known as Telok Blangah Hill is Singapore's second tallest hill and the hilltop park was named Mount Faber Park after Captain Charles Edward Faber in July 1845.

It is one of Singapore's oldest parks and a major tourist attraction for nature lovers. At 105 meters, Mount Faber is nestled inside the town of Bukit Merah in central Singapore overlooking the Telok Blangah hills and the western part of the CBD.

The 0.8-kilometer trail at Mount Faber or Mount Walk meanders through mountainous terrain offering a breathtaking panorama of the Southern Islands and the entire southern part of Singapore. The tropical rainforest on the slopes of Mount Faber is inhabited by flora and fauna. Part of the Southern Ridges, the park includes Kent Ridge Park, Hort Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve.


The park is a place for nature and sports lovers - Mount Faber Park SingaporeThe park is a place for people who love nature and sports


On the cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island , you can enjoy sweeping views across the landscaped gardens of Southern Singapore and the Southern Islands, including Faber Point - the pinnacle of Mount Faber Park . Murals on one side of the park depict the local history of the area and the iconic tree planted are two highlights to see in the park.


The way to the top of Faber Peak - Mount Faber Park SingaporeThe way to the top of Faber Peak


The city also offers a great night view from the top of the cable car. At one end of the cable car station at the top of Faber Peak is a dining area where you can relax after an enjoyable ride. Although you can drive all the way to Faber Point, it is really enjoyable to walk along the small trails among the verdant hills all the way to the top. 


View of Singapore at night from Faber Mount - Mount Faber Park SingaporeView of Singapore at night from Faber Mount


Mount Faber Park is a bustling tourist destination in Singapore for all nature lovers. It's also a great destination for a family picnic, especially if you're traveling with kids. So, before coming here you need to know some things to do in this park

What to see and do at Mount Faber Park?

Mount Faber Park Singapore offers a wide range of activities and things for tourists and the opportunity to witness stunning panoramas of the Southern part of Singapore. Standing at the top of Faber Point, you can look through the telescope at the viewpoints located on either side of the Southern Ridge. Besides that, there are various things that will help you to join this day trip to this park:

Faber Point is the highest point in Mount Faber Park , and is well worth the climb for the views.


Faber Point - Mount Faber Park SingaporeFaber Point


Rainbow Staircase is where you will get interesting Instagram photos


Rainbow Staircase - Mount Faber Park SingaporeRainbow stairs


Don't leave Mount Faber without exploring Poland's Bell of Happiness. Dating back to 1909, it is actually a bell from a Polish ship, hence the name. According to legend, if two people ring the bell or more, it will bring happiness and luck.


Polish Bells of Happiness - Mount Faber Park SingaporePolish Bells of Happiness


Faber Peak - Mount Faber Park SingaporeFaber Peak


Mount Faber is home to the cable car station, as well as plenty of dining options when traveling to Singapore. 


Faber Mount Park Cable Car - Mount Faber Park SingaporeFaber Mount Park Cable Car


Mount Faber is more than just Faber Point and Faber Peak, go a little further through the park's walking paths, and you'll not only find yourself in a place all to yourself, but you'll also get to see a lot things in nature and some equally impressive landmarks.


Mountain flower garden in Faber Mount Park - Mount Faber Park SingaporeMountain flower garden in Faber Mount . park


Mount Faber Park spans about 40 hectares of rainforest along mountainous terrain and is home to a diverse flora and fauna. Tourists can immerse themselves in nature exploration and other activities and discover the unique charm of this place.


Faber Mount rainforest area - Mount Faber Park SingaporeThe rainforest area at Faber Mount


The area of ​​rainforest along the slopes of the Southern Ridge is home to more than 43 species of birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.


Where you can see many birds - Mount Faber Park SingaporeWhere you can see many species of birds


Mount Faber Park SingaporeSightseeing path on high


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What to eat when going to Mount Faber park?

After exploring the park and participating in various adventure activities, take time to fill your stomach with some mouthwatering treats at the food outlets inside Mount Faber Park. Faber Bistro and Spuds and Aprons are two of the most famous eateries serving dishes from all over the world to their customers.


Faber Bistro Restaurant - Mount Faber Park SingaporeFaber Bistro . restaurant


Mount Faber Park provides the ideal outdoor setting for a great meal with family and friends as most of the restaurants and eateries are located on top of the hill, overlooking the greenery along the side. Southern Ridge and the city skyline to one side. The food served at Mount Faber's restaurants varies from Asian to European including traditional Singaporean dishes.


Eat and enjoy the view on top of Faber Mount - Mount Faber Park SingaporeEat and enjoy the view on top of Faber Mount


Whether for casual dining or fine dining, the beautifully decorated restaurants cater to all occasions. There are several cafes in Mount Faber where you can spend a great weekend.


A cafe at the top of Faber Peak - Mount Faber Park SingaporeA cafe at the top of Faber Peak


Singaporean acoustics at Faber Mount Park - Mount Faber Park SingaporeSingaporean Cuisine at Faber Mount Park


Mount Faber Park remains open to visitors throughout the year, and the best time to visit is from 8:45am to 10pm. However, the last time to board the cable car is at 9:30pm.