Chau Tan Beach - a peaceful 'oasis' right in the heart of Quang Ngai

 Not as famous as Ly Son island, nor as magnificent and crowded as My Khe beach, yet the clear and pure beauty of Chau Tan beach makes visitors have to " drunk" strangely.

On the way to Chu Lai Airport, in the territory of Binh Chau commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province , 6km from Sa Ky Port and about 26km from the center of Quang Ngai city, there is a beautiful beach named Chau Tan , extremely peaceful and poetic, captivates anyone who visits.


How to get to Chau Tan beach?

From the city center, you go east to Quang Trung Street, at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to Tra Khuc Bridge, down the bridge, turn right onto Tran Van Tra Street / National Highway 24B. Go to Quy Phat Electromechanical store, turn right and enter My Tra - My Khe street. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Highway 24B, then turn left at the pharmacy onto Provincial Road 621, finally turn right at Sa Huynh Cultural Relic and go straight to the destination.


What's attractive about Chau Tan beach?

The scenery is poetic and peaceful like a picture

Chau Tan beach impresses with a smooth, white sand beach, embracing the clear sea water, stretching as if there is no end. Around, there are no majestic mountains embracing like other beaches, making the space seem to expand, giving a feeling of immensity and spaciousness.


white sand - the highlight of Chau Tan BeachThe white sand and the blue sea are so beautiful (Photo @iam_nhu_y)


Moreover, the sea water is also as blue as jade but not too dark, so at dawn the fog has not completely dissipated, the gentle light shining on it will feel like it is merging with the color of the sky, forming a beautiful picture. Amazingly beautiful oil painting.


Clear blue sea water - interesting features of Chau Tan BeachSea water seems to blend with the sky (Photo @meiliangg)


Along the sandy shore are beds of wild water spinach and green pine trees, although no one cares, they are still green and full of life all year round, adding color to Chau Tan beach , making anyone come to visit. It is also impossible not to admire the miraculous power of nature.

In particular, because it has not been touristized and is known by many people, even if it is not too far from the prosperous city, this place still retains its wild features and quiet, clear atmosphere, like a paradise. An oasis of independence, helping you to dispel all worries and fatigue.


quiet space - the attraction of Chau Tan BeachThe atmosphere is surprisingly peaceful (Photo Facebook Ha Neul)


The perfect place to relax

If you want to participate in sea activities such as windsurfing, motorbike riding on the water or kayaking... then don't choose Chau Tan beach , because here the only thing to welcome you here is the cool breeze, the sound of the waves. whispering and the sunshine is diligently coloring the white sand.

The best way to enjoy this place is to sit on the sand, close your eyes and take a deep breath in the natural salty taste of the sea, and at the same time feel the gentle waves of the ocean caress your feet. , or look far away to see the boats of fishermen who are diligently working on the sea, so simple but so dear and strangely attractive.


bathing - attractive activities at Chau Tan BeachThe beauty of working at sea (Photo @chupcathegioi)


Those who intend to "discharge" the summer heat can bring their swimsuits and dive into the cool water of Chau Tan beach . Rest assured that the waves are very calm and the sea water is super clean - a point that very few famous resorts have, so you can comfortably swim there.

In addition, you can also bring a tent to camp on the sand and sleep overnight next to the sound of the wind and the sound of waves crashing on the shore, waking up in the morning by the sound of birds singing and welcoming the shimmering dawn on the sea. oh, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps of happiness!


camping - a must-try experience at Chau Tan BeachVery suitable for camping (Photo @lid0611.official)

Countless beautiful virtual living corners

The picturesque scenery is an advantage, but what makes Chau Tan Quang Ngai beach most attractive to visitors is probably the virtual living cafe CT Beach, with a small house enough to make a bar, cleverly designed. assembled from pieces of blue corrugated iron, adding a bit of wood crisscrossing each other like covering a fish net and the words "CT Beach" in striking yellow.


CT Beach bar - the attraction of Chau Tan BeachLovely cafe on the beach (Photo by Pham Quoc Sang)


Moreover, the owner is also very delicate in taking advantage of the available materials of fishermen in the sea such as: baskets, fishing nets, ropes, old oars, starfish or seashells, snail shells... to decorate the cottages. The beautiful scenery helps visitors to "burn" to their fullest with their passion for virtual living.

Typical of which are: a wooden swing made of ropes suspended on the sand, an arched gate filled with flowers, lanterns made from nets, a virtual living "wall" full of starfish. Colorful sea snails or blue curtains fluttering in the wind like a princess room ... make not only young people, but also the couples who come to Chau Tan travel to be fascinated.


swing - virtual living corner at Chau Tan BeachBeautifully fluttering curtains (Photo Facebook Pham Vu Ha Vi)


fishing net - checkin corner at Chau Tan Beach BãiMagical virtual living net (Photo Facebook Ngoc Bao)


The most unique are the two pillars hung full of brilliant signs with the names of famous landmarks of Quang Ngai such as: Ly Son, Ba To, Binh Son, Dung Quat, Sa Huynh , Ca Dam or Vi O Lak ... to decorate, make a unique check-in corner, and can help visitors refer to the places to visit in this beautiful land.

When the day is beautiful, the night at the shop is not "inferior", when the white and yellow lights are lit, making the space of the whole Chau Tan beach seem to be lit up, becoming shimmering and mysterious. virtual like the galaxy.


evening - shimmering time at Chau Tan Beach biểnThe night is also super shimmering (Photo @nnmt2010)


So, although it is not as grand, sophisticated and brilliant as the bars on the famous beaches in Phu Quoc or Nha Trang, as long as you choose beautiful and beautiful dresses, watch when the sun is shining gently and skillfully. By skillfully aligning the camera angle a bit, you can "buy" a set of shimmering virtual live photos like luxury resorts. 


virtual life - popular activity at Chau Tan BeachIt's not as good as famous beaches when it comes to luxury photos (Photo Fb Kieu Nguyen)


Besides, having the advantage of being located on Chau Tan Binh Son beach, which  is spacious, airy, always flooded with wind, so whether it's day or night, this cafe is also a great place to chill. "with friends and loved ones. Especially when, although the shop is small, the drinks are extremely rich and delicious, another plus point is that the owner is also very hard to "catch the trend" to update new dishes such as upside down beer, upside down fruit juice. converse, mojito, cookie cream or dalgona sponge coffee… to serve visitors too.

In addition, if you have time, you can also stop by the famous Ba Lang An cape about 4km away to check-in with the lighthouse nicknamed "the closest mainland cape to Hoang Sa", guaranteed to be love. patriotism always rises up.


When is the best time to visit Chau Tan beach?

Chau Tan Beach does not have resorts with many modern entertainment services, so it will be suitable for short trips on weekends or even if you just need to spend a few free hours during the day to visit as well. OK. And of course, you should only go in the summer from April to August

If you want to see the most beautiful scenery on the sea, as well as take the most impressive pictures, you should choose the time at dawn around 5:30 am or 6 am, at 15 pm or at sunset around 16 pm. 30 minutes or 17 hours, because the sunlight is super pleasant and magical at this time.


light sunshine - time to go to Chau Tan BeachWhen it's sunny, it's the most beautiful (Photo Fb Tam Tam)


Summer is here, if you are looking to load up some pure and poetic "vitamin sea", then Chau Tan beach in Quang Ngai is the ideal choice for you.