Back to Quang Ngai to admire Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapids as beautiful as a fairy scene

 If Phu Yen is proud of the scenic Ghenh Da Dia, Quang Ngai is no less competitive with the breathtakingly beautiful Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapids.

Introduction to Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapids

Thach Ky Dieu Tau is a famous rock formation on the south bank of Sa Ky sea mouth, in Moi hamlet, An Vinh village, Tinh Ky commune, Son Tinh district, Quang Ngai province and about 16km east of Quang Ngai city center. 

It is known that in the Sino-Vietnamese dictionary the word "Thach Ky" means rapids, underwater rocks or water splashes on rocks, like the shape of this place, so the unique name "Thach Ky Dieu Tau" was born. life. However, perhaps because they do not understand the meaning and this cliff is located on the Sa Ky sea, many people have read it as "Thach Ky Dieu Tau" and become popular until now.


Harmonious rock waves - the beauty of Thach Ky Dieu Tau cliffsThe scenery of the place is as beautiful as a painting (Photo @nhifoto)


In addition, according to the legend that some local people tell, in the old days when this land was still a large water tank, there was a giant man who carried stones to fill the sea, until the last burden was too heavy. broken the pole, the stone fell to the sides of the two mountains like today and clearly left a footprint, so the people of Quang Ngai also call this place with an interesting name, "Old man fishing for rapids" or " Giant feet."

With a unique and poetic natural setting, Thach Ky Dieu Tau is not only praised by poets and writers of the past, but also considered as one of the 12 famous landscapes of Quang Ngai that most tourists visit must visit once in a lifetime.


The wild beauty mixed with a bit of magic of Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapids

If you've ever set foot on Dia rock rapids in Phu Yen , you will probably immediately recognize the image of rapids in Thach Ky Dieu Tau with a lot of similarities, with a striking black color between the waves of the sea and the sky. overlap into unique shapes.


The rock is black in color - characteristic of Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsBlack rocks stand out in the middle of the sea and sky (Photo Fb Huynh Chibi)


Therefore, although there is no specific evidence about its formation, we can also surmise that this is the lava flow of the volcano that was active hundreds of years ago. After thousands of years, after spilling into the sea, it encountered cold water that had frozen and cooled down into the sedimentary rocks like today.

But the special feature of Thach Ky Dieu Tau cliffs is that they are not only shaped like a stack of dishes in a ceramic kiln, but also eroded by sea waves into hollow caves of different sizes and widths. . In addition, the waves here are also strangely strong, every time they rush in, they will make the water gurgle inside like boiling and spray up white like a furnace from the cave entrance, so the people have called here. is the Wine Cellar.


white waves - the highlight of Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsWaves surged up white (Photo @to.ny_nguyen)


In addition, on the exposed caves, there are indentations like the footprints of giants left, until the sea level rises, it is filled with water like a mini-pool, which looks extremely impressive. statue. Revealing, according to the concept of Quang Ngai people, if you put your foot in that footprint, it will bring a lot of luck.


rock pool - unique feature of Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsMini swimming pool on rock (Photo Fb Thu-Ha Nguyen)


Moreover, in the middle of Sa Ky sea, in the distance, there is a large rock and a small rock protruding like a person sitting fishing in the middle of the water or quietly admiring the horizon and thinking about life. form a unique masterpiece, nowhere else.


Rocks in the middle of the sea - the attraction at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsA unique rock in the middle of the sea (Photo @anhtublogg)


In particular, although Thach Ky Dieu Tau cliffs in Quang Ngai are always beautiful, but the most charming is probably in the early morning, when dawn is dyeing the whole space pink, the mist has not completely melted on the water forming layers of white smoke embracing the rocks, creating a magical scene like a place of paradise, attracting many tourists.


dawn - the most beautiful moment at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsThe dawn is full of ghosts (Photo: Dinh Hoang Tung)


Or when the moss season comes, the rocks are all dressed in a green shirt, like a steppe floating on the water, making anyone who comes here can't help but admire and be surprised.


moss season - beautiful time at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsGreen moss season is as beautiful as painting on rocks (Photo Facebook Trung Anh)


It can be said that the Creator has been extremely favorable when bestowing Thach Ky Dieu Tau cliffs with not only unique black rocks, turquoise sea water but also graceful willow trees racing along with the wind and forest. immense ocean, forming a beautiful picture of young and beautiful.

Unforgettable experiences at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapids

Traveling to Thach Ky Dieu Tau , the first thing that you definitely can't miss is taking pictures of virtual life, because of the unique shape of the cliffs, and the white foam waves bouncing continuously on the cliffs... It will help you to take lots of great pictures.


taking photos - important activities at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsVirtual living is an activity not to be missed (Photo @han_jin_p)


Or simply sitting and admiring the sunset, putting on a bright orange shirt and watching the boats bobbing in the distance, along with the image of children playing innocently with the waves, will also make all your worries and pressure washed away.

Besides, if you are a person who likes to experience, you can bring your tent and choose a convenient location on the rock to camp. At night, talk to your friends by the sound of the waves, get up early in the morning to catch the shimmering sunrise on the sea, guaranteed to make you unforgettable for a lifetime.


dawn - beautiful time at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsWake up early to see the sunrise (Photo @hongochoang)


In particular, the rock holes of Thach Ky Dieu Tau cliffs not only have the effect of beauty, but also shelter and develop many seafood species such as: Huynh De crab, sea urchin, sea snake, sea eel. , crabs, fish species (mullet, è, khanh, persimmon…) and spinach…so you will see a familiar image of farmers diligently groping under the cliffs, sitting on rocks to fish. Or put a net around it to catch fish and shrimp.


People are harvesting seafood - beauty of labor at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsThe beauty of labor on the river (Photo FB Thu Nguyen Bich)


fishing - interesting activity at Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsFishing is also quite an interesting experience (Photo @picachu26061)


In addition, you can also visit super beautiful tourist attractions nearby such as: An Hai sa Ban, An Vinh muzzle, Sa Ky lighthouse, Sa Ky port, My Khe beach and Tinh Ky water coconut forest ... It certainly won't let you down.


Mut An Vinh - The destination near Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapidsAn Vinhi is super sexy (Photo: [email protected])


How to move to Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapids?

From the center of Quang Ngai city, you go east along Nguyen Nghiem street to enter Quang Trung street, after going through the roundabout, turn into the 2nd exit to go to Tra Khuc bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn right onto Tran Van Tra Street, continue to turn right at Quy Phat Electric Store and then enter My Tra - My Khe Street. When going through the roundabout, turn into the 2nd exit and merge onto Highway 24B. At Toc Tien smoothie, you turn right towards Khe Ky bridge. After getting off the bridge, meet the first intersection, turn left and go along the sea route to reach Thach Ky cliffs in Sa Ky sea .

Besides Ngoc Ly Son island, Quang Ngai has many beautiful landscapes, typically Thach Ky Dieu Tau rock rapids , which if you don't explore, you will have to regret it.