Travel to Korea in April: see cherry blossoms, experience the special spring festival

Located in East Asia, Korea boasts scenic landscapes and a number of thrilling activities, attracting quite a few tourists. If you want to explore, then come to Korea in April because this is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Are you wondering why? Read the article below to know more!

Weather in Korea in April

A year in Korea is also divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter . April is the time of spring and if you come here you can rest assured that most of the snow will melt this month. The weather is pleasant and the average temperature is between 6°C and 13°C. There may also be a few showers, but not too much affecting the travel schedule.


Korea travel in April - beautiful sceneryPhoto: @sinjunpic


Why come to Korea in April?

- Winter snow melts and the weather is warm and dry making it easy to explore everywhere.

- The cherry blossoms bloom in April, making it one of the most visited months by tourists.

- April is the season of Korean festivals , especially flower festivals, and if you are a nature lover, this country is the most ideal destination to visit this month. 


Korea travel in April - cherry blossom viewingPhoto: @hantastic.lee


The hottest events and festivals in Korea in April

In early spring, flowers bloom and most festivals that take place in Korea in April are associated with flowers: cherry blossoms, tulips to many other flowers. Make the landscape become more beautiful and attractive.


Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

This is one of the famous festivals held on Yeouiseo-ro Street in Seoul in mid-April when forsythia, azalea and other flowers bloom. There is no entrance fee and you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers for free. The cherry blossoms that are lit up at night add to the beauty of this place. There are also: street performances, exhibitions, singing contests,...

Samcheok Maengbang Canola Flower Festival

Traveling to Korea in April , this is the spring celebration that you are worth coming to. The highlights of this annual festival are canola flowers, cherry blossoms, and breathtaking views of the East Coast. Not only that, you can enjoy picking fresh strawberries and buying items at the local farmers market. Some nearby scenic spots that should also be visited are Haesindang Park and Wife of King Suro Park.


Korea travel in April - Samcheok Maengbang flower festivalPhoto: @noobfilm


Cheongsando Slow Walking Festival

Cheongsando Island is known for its unspoiled beauty and slow pace of life. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then come here to relax and unwind. The island is also one of the most popular springtime destinations.


Korea travel in April - Cheongsando walking festivalPhoto: @llllll_zmzmzm


This festival encourages participants to walk as slowly as possible to fully enjoy the surreal beauty of the terraced rice fields, stunning sea views and lovely yellow canola flowers that make this place like in a book of fairy tales.


Korea travel in April - Cheongsando walking festivalPhoto: @travelphoto.lee


Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon

Gyeongju , South Korea's museum city holds this marathon every year when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. This is a great event where both locals and tourists participate in running a marathon while enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms. In addition to the cherry-lined streets, you can also explore temples and other attractions like Seokguram Grotto.


Korea travel in April - marathon GyeongjuPhoto: @Hab Korea


Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival

Located at the southernmost tip of the country, Jeju is the place where the first cherry blossoms bloom in Korea. If you are planning a trip from the end of March to the beginning of April, do not miss this island. In addition, there are performances and light installations, making this festival come to life.


Korea travel in April - Jeju cherry blossom festivalPhoto: @want2becoco


Taean Tulip Festival

Traveling to Korea in April , to one of the top 5 tulip festivals in the world, Taean Tulip Festival has about 1.5 million tulips with different colors emitting a sweet fragrance. You can also spot gardens of canola, fenugreek and lupine flowers here. Along with the festival is the activity of enjoying strawberry picking at the farm and the strawberries here are considered to be the freshest and most delicious in Korea.


Korea travel in April - Taean Tulip FestivalPhoto: @tiger_neng


Everland Tulip Festival

Another festival that celebrates tulips in spring is the Everland Tulip Festival. Everland is the largest theme park in Korea and every April holds this spectacular tulip festival. In addition to tulips, one can enjoy 90 species of flowers here. The theme park also features parades and fireworks, adding to the carnival experience.


Korea travel in April - Everland Tulip FestivalPhoto: @jackiechunnie


Goryeosan Mountain Azalea Festival

After the cherry blossom season is the time when azaleas bloom. The flowers bloom late and you can enjoy them from mid to late April. This festival takes place at Goryeosan Mountain Incheon.  This Korean hiking trail is stunning, at the top of the mountain you can enjoy the view of the surreal azalea flowers below. And don't forget the experience of tasting azalea tea and making azalea rice cakes here.


Korea travel in April - Goryeosan azalea festivalPhoto: @Trazy

Goryeong Daegaya Experience Festival

This is a big festival that helps people learn about the culture and history of Daegaya Kingdom. There is a replica village where one can experience the lifestyle of a bygone era. There are also a number of activities related to arts, crafts and pottery making. Admission to the festival is free, but there are some paid interactive activities like wooden boat building and strawberry picking in a nearby village.


Korea travel in April - Goryeong Daegaya experience festivalPhoto: @Walkview


Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most famous cherry blossom festivals in Korea. It attracts about 2 million visitors a year and one can enjoy the cherry blossoms along with musical performances, museum visits and a military parade. The cherry blossoms here, paint one of the most romantic scenes. So, if you are planning a trip to Korea in April , don't forget to choose this place first.


Korea travel in April - Jinhae cherry blossom festivalPhoto: @nadsine


Frequently asked questions about Korea in April


1. What season is April in Korea?

In the land of Kim Chi in April, it is spring and everywhere is covered with a beautiful pink color due to blooming cherry blossoms.

2. How cold is April in Korea?

Snow begins to melt in April and the weather becomes warmer, with average temperatures ranging from 6°C to 13°C.

3. Where can you see cherry blossoms in Seoul?

You can go to see cherry blossoms in Seoul at the following locations:

  • Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Yeouido Flower Festival
  • Seokchon Lake in Seoul


Korea travel in April - cherry blossom viewingPhoto: @korelandscape


4. What should be prepared for a trip to Korea?

If one is visiting Korea in April, one can bring comfortable light clothes for the day and a light jacket for early morning and late evening.

5. Korean souvenirs should buy?

Traditional Korean tea and Korean paper fans are the best items you can buy as a gift when traveling here. 


Korea travel in April - buy tea as a giftPhoto: @thinkingoftea

Spring comes, warm golden rays and colorful flowers cover every road. Traveling to Korea in April is a worthy journey that you must definitely experience.