Tips for Jeju Korea travel experience fully from eating, playing to commuting

 Experience Jeju travel, explore the most famous island in Korea. Visit beautiful landscapes, enjoy many interesting experiences and enjoy delicious specialties. 

About Jeju Island đảo

Known as the Hawaii of Korea, Jeju is a delightful combination of beauty with a laid-back atmosphere. The sea air is overwhelming and this is also the place where people go for their famous honeymoon in this country. Jeju City is the most cosmopolitan city when it comes to restaurants and shops. A place to see another side of the land of Kim Chi that you can see on dramas about a private and romantic getaway.


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Jeju travel experience: which season is beautiful to go?

Jeju Island has a humid subtropical climate with four seasons. Jeju City is a bit colder than Seogwipo. If you like warm weather, the best time to visit Jeju Island is during spring and summer. If you want to experience the beautiful foliage, you should travel in the fall.

  • Spring: March to May
  • Summer: June to August
  • Autumn: September to November
  • Winter: December to February


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Where to Stay on Jeju Island

As the honeymoon capital of Korea, you'll likely find some of Korea's best hotels on this island. You can choose to be near the airport or in the North of the island such as Jeju City. But the two most popular campsites for tourists are the southern part of the island at Seogwipo and Jungmun. 


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Some recommended hotels:

Hyatt Regency Jungmun : one of the filming locations for “Boys over Flowers”, spacious rooms and with high Korean standards. The concierge is very helpful and the lobby is large.

  • Address: 114, Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Jungmun Beach, Seogwipo, Jeju.

Shilla Jeju Jungmun Hotel : where you can rent furniture and organize an outdoor barbecue on the resort's premises.

  • Address: 75 Jungmungwangwang-ro72beon-gil, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju.
  • Room rates from: $50/night.


Jeju travel experience - hotelPhoto: @_junni_


Lotte Hotel : Jeju tourism experience here is attracted by having an ice skating rink and giant windmill in the backyard.

  • Address: 35 Jungmungwangwang-ro72beon-gil, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju.
  • Room rate: from 116$/night.

- First70 Hotel: 

  • Address: Geullaembeulluhotel 46 Myeongdong-ro, Seogwipo, Jeju.
  • Room rate: from $50/night.


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Suggestions for transportation when traveling to Jeju Island


Transportation to Jeju

- Arriving by plane:

To Jeju Island from: Daegu, Busan, and Seoul can fly non-stop with Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines and Jeju Air. Outside of Korea, from the United States, Asia, and other regions, you will likely need to move to one of Korea's main cities before coming here. After getting off the airport, there will be a shuttle bus to various locations in the city, Jungmun and finally Seogwipo. The price is under 8,000 Won. 


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- Arrival by ferry: you can also reach Jeju Island from Busan by MS Ferry

  • Travel time: 12 hours 20 minutes
  • Frequency: 3 times a week


Transportation in Jeju

Rent a car : Koreans are known for their speed but on Jeju Island, drivers can feel comfortable with minimal choice of lanes and highways. For the most part, there is a main road that goes around the island and then several roads that cut through it from North to South. Remember to bring your International Driving Permit from home.


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Rent a scooter : the traffic is comfortable enough for visitors to ride a scooter, but you still have to be careful in hidden corners. To rent a scooter, you need to bring your International Driving Permit and driver's license. 

Travel by bus : Jeju Korea travel experience effective, cheap bus routes and will give you an interesting trip around the island. For Olle Trails there is also an English translation message letting you know when to stop. 


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What to do on Jeju Island?


Visiting Dongmun Market

A traditional market where you can shop for local products, souvenirs and sample food here. The market is divided into rows for fruit, meat, seafood and a few other things. At night, the stalls sell some street food such as: fried chicken, rice cakes and snacks. The best place to experience the local feeling.


Jeju travel experience - visit Dongmun marketPhoto: @dwiristiwanti


Teddy Bear Museum

Surely Teddy bear lovers will be fascinated by this place. The Teddy Bear Museum is a place dedicated to hundreds of teddy bears from around the world, some of which are designed and created by hand. Truly an exciting time for your journey in Jeju. You can stroll through the history of teddy bears at Main Hall, find the smallest teddy bear in the world or meet the Mona Lisa Bear, a great place for families with kids.


Jeju travel experience - Teddy bear museumPhoto: @ar.x__x


Visit Udo Island

The letter U means 'shape of the calving cow', it is a miniature Jeju with beautiful beaches. A 15-minute ferry ride from Jeju will bring you to Udo Island, a journey around the island that takes 4 hours or even a day. There are several types of transportation for you to choose from: Hop-on-hop-off buses, electric cars, motorbikes, electric bicycles and even walking. You can go with the current around the island while leisurely stopping to take pictures. Be sure to try the delicious peanut ice cream when you visit Udo Island.


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Explore Jeju Olle Trail 6

Self-sufficient Jeju travel experience , these outdoor activities are becoming popular among visitors to this island. The trail system is called Jeju Olle Trail Route, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the island. There is even the Jeju Olle Walking Festival held every year. The trails will take you up hills, rivers, beaches, into the woods or walks along the coast. The top popular are Olle routes 6 and 7, ranked as the most beautiful and easy to walk. 


Jeju travel experience - Olle . trailPhoto: @jennifer_park90


Hiking up Mount Hallasan

Located in the heart of Jeju Island, recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site. It is a dormant volcano with 368 parasitic volcanoes known as Oreums (peaks) scattered around the main mountain. Many hiking enthusiasts come here to conquer this highest mountain on Jeju Island. However, this place is only suitable for a daytime hike as it can be very dangerous at night. 


Jeju travel experience - trekking Mount HallasanPhoto: @the_seohakang

It has many hiking trails, but the most popular are 5. Reaching the top you'll be rewarded with a beautiful crater lake and breathtaking views of Jeju. For those who don't like to hike to the top, Korea's Hallasan Mountain also has 7 scenic trails, each of which is less than 10 km. In addition, there are nearly 6000 species of plants and animals in the area. Remember to check the weather conditions before you go and wear warm clothes as the wind can be quite strong.


Jeju travel experience - climbing Hallasan mountainPhoto: @minaminachoi


What to eat when coming to Jeju Island?

As one of the famous tourist destinations, not only the nature but also the cuisine of this island is also extremely attractive. Come here, don't forget to enjoy some dishes such as:

Heuk Dwaeji Gui or Jeju black pork : called Wagyu pig, black pig is only raised on the island. There is a black pork street in Jeju city called Chilseong where you can find the best restaurants to try this dish. For example, Dombedon.


Jeju travel experience - try black porkPhoto: @clair.yoo


jeonbokjuk or abalone porridge : travel experience Jeju you can easily find a female diver or Haenyeo in each coastal village on Jeju Island serves a bowl of porridge to enjoy abalone.

Matcha : Jeju Island is the largest producer of green tea in Korea. You can visit the O'sulloc Tea Museum to learn all about this nutritious food.


Jeju travel experience - matcha teaPhoto: @mojematcha


Kimbap : a type of Korean-style sushi rolled in sheets of dried seaweed and cut into bite-sized pieces with the island's own flavor.

Guksu or Korean Noodles : with hot or cold, broth or dry options, you definitely don't want to miss out on noodles while exploring this country's cuisine.


Jeju travel experience - enjoy guksu noodlesPhoto: @thelazyfoodie


Bread: Our day would not be complete without coffee and some bread. Paris Baguette is the place you should go and there are several branches of Paris Baguette in Jeju Island so it is easy to find.

Bingsu : Referring to Korean cuisine, it is impossible to forget the popular shaved ice dessert with red beans, chopped fruit and a variety of ingredients. Caffe Bene is the place recommended by young people to enjoy it.


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A beautiful and romantic island with peaceful natural scenery, delicious food and exempted tourist visa. With the Jeju travel experience suggested above, why not plan to come to this place right away on your next trip.