The town of Matamata - the beautiful fairy-tale Middle-earth region of New Zealand

 Matamata town is located at the foot of the Kaimai Mountains in a rolling green hill valley, any season of the year is beautiful to visit...

About the town of Matamata

Just a few hours' drive from Auckland is the picturesque town of Matamata . Home to the movie Hobbiton The Lord of the Rings! After you finish the adventure, there is still a lot to see! With many great hikes through the area, you can experience breathtaking views and beautiful views of the countryside, including the famous Waitere Falls! 


New Zealand's beautiful Matamata countryside the town of Matamata New ZealandNew Zealand's beautiful Matamata countryside


Hike to the North Island's tallest waterfall, climb the hills for majestic views, sample some New Zealand cheese, wander around art galleries and gardens, and more! You can even stay for a while at one of the 5 Best Affordable Backpackers in Matamata.


Attractions in the town of Matamata

Waitrere Falls 

Waitere Falls just outside the town of Matamata is one of the tallest waterfalls in the North Island. You can visit the Waitere Falls Trail, in the Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park. The 153m-high waterfall, the North Island's tallest waterfall, suddenly appears as a shimmering void in the curtain of the native forest - impressive even when viewed from the road.


Waitere-Falls.Andreq-Olgilvie the town of Matamata New ZealandThe top of Waitere Falls provides a breathtaking view of Waikato


Waitere Falls is a natural beauty in the Waikato region and it takes a bit of work to fully appreciate it.


You can't miss the Hobbiton set while staying in Matamata! The Hobbiton Movie provides visitors with first-hand insights into the details that make up the film. Being able to see Hobbit pits, Blue Dragon Inn, factories and other structures created for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, you'll see the Waikato farmland How this beauty has been transformed!


Hobbiton Studios, Matamata Town New ZealandHobbiton Studios


To cap off the tour, guests will be taken to the now-operating Green Dragon Inn, where they can sample beer or ginger ale brewed in Hamilton by Good George Brewery.


Lovely Hobbiton houses - Matamata town New ZealandataLovely Hobbiton houses


Blue Springs Te Waihou

Blue Springs and the Te Waihou boardwalk near Putaruru, just south of Matamata town,  are a must-see in the Waikato region . Blue Springs is part of the Te Waihou walkway that can be accessed at two different entrances. The whole walking path is about more than 10km both going and returning. Blue Springs is internationally renowned for its water so pure it accounts for 60% of New Zealand's bottled water.


Blue Springs Te Waihou - New Zealand's Matamata TownBlue Springs Te Waihou


Walkways range from easy walks to some steeper areas with some steps and boardwalks through wetland areas.

Hauraki Rail . Trail

With gentle terrain and plenty of accommodations, cafes and restaurants, this is one of the easiest trails in the North Island. You can choose a section to walk. The town of Matamata is located at the end of this road.


Hauraki Rail Trail in Matamata New ZealandHauraki Rail . Trail

What to eat in Matamata?

Featuring Hobbit-themed meals, the rural town of Matamata has plenty of dining options. Enjoy local pizza, cafeteria food, cheese and more. Here are some suggestions for places to eat in Matamata 

The French and European-style O-del-emz restaurant serves breakfast and lunch along with excellent coffee. French, Greek, Mediterranean, Irish, Italian, Moroccan and Turkish flavors are all featured on the menu, along with vegetarian options.


O-del-emz restaurant Matamata town New ZealandO-del-emz restaurant


Eat Urban Foodstuffs offers a wide variety of snacks and coffees. Lamb, kumara, sushi, a selection of artisan cheeses and chocolates, smoothies, cakes and more are just some of the items on their tempting menu!


Food in Eat Urban Foodstuffs restaurant in Matamata town New ZealandFood in the restaurant Eat Urban Foodstuffs 


Good Merchant serves delicious food and locally brewed Good George craft beers and wines at their brewery in nearby Hamilton. 


Good Merchant Restaurant, Matamata Town New ZealandGood Merchant Restaurant


A popular spot with locals, Workman's Café & Bar in Matamata boasts a laid-back atmosphere, lively atmosphere, and friendly staff. Workmans Café & Bar offers cafeteria-style dining for breakfast and lunch, with a dinner menu on Tuesdays.


Workmans Café and Bar Matamata Town New ZealandWorkmans Café and Bar


Indian Flame offers a taste of authentic Indian cuisine including all Indian favorites from Butter Chicken, Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Korma, Vegetable Jalfrezi and more.


Indian Flame - New Zealand Matamata townIndian Flame


Matamata is a small town on the North Island of New Zealand and therefore does not have an airport. The best way to travel by plane is to fly to Auckland . From Auckland, you can reach Matamata, about 3 hours away, by car or bus.