Super quality 'virtual life' at the plane cemetery in Bangkok

 It's hard not to love Thailand - home to wonderful people, delicious food, beautiful weather, gentle culture and above all, many attractive tourist attractions, such as the plane cemetery in Bangkok.

About the plane cemetery in Bangkok

Cemetery plane - Airplane Graveyard located at 594 Ramkhamhaeng Road, next to a nearby garage and a large apartment complex called Assakarn Place Condominium, in  Bangkok , Thailand. It is owned by a Thai businessman who sells valuable aircraft parts for scrap, which is said to have been here since 2010.


Unspoiled space of the plane cemetery in BangkokUnspoiled view of the plane cemetery (Photo @barb.silp)


This area is named after King Ram Khamhaeng - the 13th-century ruler of ancient Sukhothai (the predecessor of present-day Thailand), is known as a special aviation museum and tourist attraction. Bangkok's most attractive calendar .


Interesting things about the plane cemetery in Bangkok

The Bangkok Aircraft Graveyard is home to a giant abandoned Boeing 747 and two smaller McDonnell Douglas MD-82 planes belonging to Orient Thai Airlines lying in large pieces. Some of these are used to earn money and some are made into homes for the poor families living on the land.


Old plane at the plane cemetery in BangkokThere is 1 big plane and 2 small planes (Photo @arimambr)


The entangled, slanted graffiti and destroyed parts do not lose the value of the plane, but also add an impressive feature to the aircraft cemetery space and create unique works of art. where there is.


Drawings on the fuselage - the highlight at the plane cemetery in BangkokThere are many drawings on the fuselage (Photo @sophiawarner95)


An hour is enough time for you to fully explore the beauty of the plane cemetery in Bangkok, with activities such as: jumping on and off a plane's wings, sitting in a destroyed cockpit or climb to the top of the nose of one of the smaller planes.


Explore the cockpit - interesting point at the plane cemetery in BangkokExplore the cockpit of the plane (Photo @yohana.agasta)


And it's only when you're alone in the space of one of these giant "flying beasts" that you realize how big they really are. Especially when the seats are gone, it makes the space become as deep as a mysterious cave.


the space inside the plane - the attraction of the plane cemetery in BangkokHuge space inside the plane (Photo @cedricpsc)


In particular, any corner here can give you amazing and cool photos too, that's why it attracts so many people to visit every day.


Virtual life - interesting activities at the plane cemetery in BangkokVirtual life with old airplanes (Photo @grimchazer)


However, getting on a plane especially in the cockpit in the plane cemetery in Bangkok is a huge challenge, as it has no jet bridges or runways for you to cross like boarding planes at the runway. Normally, you'll have to squeeze through the half-open deck door and slowly make your way up to the third floor if you want to see what the driver's seat looks like.

How to get to the plane cemetery in Bangkok

The easiest way to get to the plane graveyard in Thailand is to take a taxi or Grab (Thai equivalent of Uber) for between 30 and 60 minutes. However, Ramkhamhaeng Road is one of the busiest roads in Bangkok, so avoid rush hour traffic.

Another popular way of travel is to take the express boat (ferry) Khlong Saen Saep, which is very cheap, up to a maximum of 20 Baht/person/trip, although the ferry is also very busy during peak hours and only can go up and down in certain locations.

With this vehicle, visitors will get off at Wat Si Bun Ruang, then walk around the temple clockwise to Ramkhamhaeng Road. Then or turn right, walk through Assakarn Place Condominium and cross a small curved bridge and look to the right to see a giant Boeing 747, now it's there.


Some notes at the plane cemetery in Bangkok

The entrance fee to the airplane cemetery in Bangkok is not fixed but ranges from 100 Baht to 600 Baht per person, depending on who meets you at the gate, their mood and the number of visitors in your group .

If a group of 2 or more people go together, it will cost about 200 Baht / person. Going for 1 person will be 300 Baht or more / person, but if you know how to pay the price, it will probably pay less.

In particular, the owner of the land can decide to sell it at any time, as well as the families living there may not allow visitors to visit when it is prohibited to collect fees, so if there is a trip to Please come visit Bangkok.


The beauty of the plane cemetery in BangkokThe plane is very good (Photo @margaretina)


Regarding clothing: it is best to wear a pair of sturdy shoes and wear long pants even if you can't stand the high temperatures, because there is a lot of debris here, if you are not careful, you can easily scratch your skin. , even tetanus.

In addition, early morning is the best time to visit Bangkok's plane graveyard , because the weather is quite cool at this time, and the light in the morning will also be great for photography. But if you want a panoramic view, one side of the 747 and the other planes around it, the afternoon is better because the sun will be behind you.

Also, while entering, it's best not to touch anything and not wander around in the surroundings outside the planes, as there may be some wartime minefields. that's left over.


Scenes around the plane cemetery in BangkokThe surrounding space is quite wild (Photo @its_anjath)


Furthermore, there are specific areas that are restricted as far as tenants are concerned, so if you see curtains in an area, respect their privacy and don't. come close.

Visiting the plane cemetery in Bangkok is a unique experience that you won't get in any other destination in the world, so it's an extremely worthwhile excursion.