See the beautiful emerald lake Walensee in Switzerland

 Lake Walensee is a Swiss alpine lake a short distance east of Zurich and is part of a resort area known as "Heidiland", named after the world famous Heidi story by Johanna Spyri .

About  Walensee Lake

This beautiful blue lake is one of the clearest and deepest in Switzerland not far from Zurich , with its mountainous backdrop it makes for Swiss perfection. You can take an overhead cable car over the lake or take a boat ride on the water. The resort in Unterterzen has beaches and restaurants and there are many walking and cycling trails.


Lake WalenseeLake Walensee


Lake Walensee marks the border between the states of St. Gallen and Glarus. It's amazing, has a beautiful deep jade green color and, most of all, isn't very frequented. By road, you drive along the south shore, but the view of the lake is blocked by the railway. On the other hand, there are footpaths to explore in all its splendor. The best hike on the lake is to go to the pier at Murg, cross the lake and spend the day, or even more, on the north shore.


Walensee Hole has hiking trips in Switzerland.The Walensee Hole has some of the best hikes in Switzerland.


The best thing you can do, however, is take a cruise on this lake surrounded by beautiful mountains, from the historic small town of Weesen to the Seerenbach waterfall , Betlis, or to Quinten, home to laid-back restaurants. Lakeside with delicious fish specialties are waiting for you.

The dramatic cliffs that jut out from the north side of the lake are part of the Churfirsten mountain range, while the other side of the lake is Flumserberg's popular winter sports and walking area.


Lake Walensee with beautiful natural sceneryLake Walen with beautiful natural scenery


Highlights of Lake Walensee Switzerland

Cruise on Lake Walensee

Boating is always a great way to explore the lake in Switzerland . Departure from several points around the lake and make for a very enjoyable afternoon. You may want to take a cruise to Seerenbach waterfall at 720m, which is especially impressive after the rain. The Rinquelle Salt Spring flows out of rock and is one of Europe's largest springs of its kind. If you want to walk, take a cruise to the historic town of Weesen at the western end of the lake. Afterwards, you can enjoy the Walensee Lake walk along the pristine lakeshore, north of the lake to Walenstadt.


Cruise on Lake WalenseeCruise on Lake Walensee


You can enjoy drinks and snacks on board as you cruise through the breathtaking scenery - or book one of the special brunch or barbecue cruises available on certain days.


Lake Walensee MarinaLake Walensee Marina


The emerald green water color of Lake WalenseeThe emerald green water color of the lake

Quinten Village 

The village of Quinten can only be reached by walking along the lake from Weesen or Walenstadt or by boat. Quinten is also known as the Riviera of Eastern Switzerland. The region has an unusually mild climate due to its southern location and the fact that it is protected by near-vertical mountains. This picturesque car-free village sits on a small headland with a lake on one side and mountains behind. It's a popular spot to visit thanks to its almost Mediterranean climate - grapes, kiwis, figs all thrive here - and is a lovely spot to stop for a launch.


Quinten Village - Lake Walensee with beautiful natural sceneryQuinten Village 


Lake Walensee with beautiful natural sceneryQuinten Village overlooking Lake Walensee


Quinten is an extremely steep part of Switzerland, ranging from 419m above sea level (the average of Lake Walensee ) to 2193m above sea level. There are some beautiful restaurants by the pier in Quinten.

If you take the 20-minute boat ride from Quinten to Betlis to skip the more difficult walk in between there are steep sections. You can see the majestic Seerenbach waterfall (almost 720 meters high) when approaching Betlis from the boat.


Seerenbach Waterfall - Lake Walensee with beautiful natural scenerySeerenbach Falls


In Betlis, a cave system was discovered behind the wall a few years ago. The only way to get there is to dive six meters into the lake to get there.


Murg Village

The village of Murg is  located on the opposite bank of Quinten. Another interesting village near Lake Walensee , Murg also has historic buildings such as the old spinning mill, which have been restored with careful details so you can visit it. Nearby is the third largest chestnut forest in Switzerland. The mild climate and acidic soil are suitable for growing sweet chestnuts, which are used in local cuisines.


Murg Village - Lake Walensee with beautiful natural sceneryMurg Village


The area is also a beautiful spot on Lake Walensee This area is also a beautiful spot on the lake


Flumserberg Mountains

Flumserberg Mountains:  Take in amazing lake and mountain views from the gondola as you travel from the valley station at Unterterzen to Tannenboden in the beautiful Flumserberg Mountains. There are other cable cars from Tannenboden to take you higher if you wish. This is a great area to visit, with some interesting hikes in splendid surroundings.


Flumserberg - Lake Walensee with beautiful natural sceneryFrom the lake one can see the Flumserberg mountain range


Flumserberg Mountains in winter - Lake Walensee with beautiful natural sceneryFlumserberg Mountains in winter


The beautiful Flumserberg Mountains - Lake Walensee with its beautiful natural settingThe beautiful Flumserberg Mountains


You can try sledding in the summer for a thrill, or simply relax at one of the mountain restaurants. The cable car usually operates from mid-June to mid-October.