Sangkhlaburi Village - a dreamlike 'fairy' village in Thailand

 Among the countless beautiful villages of Thailand, Sangkhlaburi village always has an irresistible attraction for tourists because of its peaceful and poetic scenery like a fairy tale.

Sangkhlaburi is a village located in the district of the same name in the west of Kanchanaburi province, Thailand , bordering Burma, and 360 km northwest of Bangkok and about 220 km from Kanchanaburi town. This place is surrounded by nature and green mountains with very peaceful and fresh air, so it attracts many tourists to visit every year.

Interesting things of dreamy Sangkhlaburi village

1. The peaceful Songkaria River

The first impression when arriving in Sangkhlaburi village is the clear and peaceful Songkaria river located in the middle of the village. This is also considered the center of life because all activities in the village are fed by the water of this river. No matter who, when asked about Songkaria River, they always have a bright smile and eyes full of love. Thereby, we can see how precious this river is.


Songkaria River - the main river in Sangkhlaburi villageThe river flows smoothly in the middle of the village (Photo @picha_1011)


Therefore, one of the best ways to explore the village is to hire a long-tail boat to cruise along the river. There are many boats for tourism, the most popular is the boat with 5-7 seats for 300 baht / boat.


River boat ride - impressive activity in Sangkhlaburi villageBoating on the river is not a bad choice (Photo @pandariders)


2. Bridge Gate 

Mon Bridge (Saphan Mon) or Uttmanusorn Bridge is a wooden bridge spanning the Songkharia River to the nearby Mon Vuong Kha village. This is also the longest bridge in Thailand, the second longest in the world after U-Bein Bridge in Myanmar with a length of more than 400 meters and is considered the symbol of Sangkhlaburi village .


Mon bridge - the symbolic bridge of Sangkhlaburi villageThe most prominent Mon bridge in the village (Photo @namtarntanod)


This handmade bridge was built in the 1980s to the end of July 2013, part of the bridge collapsed after heavy rain, so it was restored to the solid state it is today.

If you stand on the bridge, you can catch a lot of beautiful moments of the charming mountains and rivers below and the daily life activities of local people.


View on Mon bridge - memorable moment in Sangkhlaburi villageThe best view on the bridge (Photo @suwee.sing)


3. Wang Wiwekaram . Temple

Wang Wiwekaram is also known as the underwater temple or the submerged temple, because since the 1980s when the Thai government built a dam to create a large Vajiralongkorn water reservoir, the water of the lake has submerged the old village in the water. valley in which there is the temple Wang Wiwekaram.


Sunken pagoda - impressive work in Sangkhlaburi villageAncient sunken temple (Photo @yongarnus)


During the dry season from March to June, the water level is so low that a small island forms, so you can walk around the temple ruins as well as take a lot of impressive photos. While from September to January is the rainy season, the water is high, if you travel to Sangkhlaburi , you can only see the upper part of the hall and the top of the bell tower rising out of the water.


Virtual living at the submerged temple - interesting activities in Sangkhlaburi village làngSuper quality virtual live photos (Photo @wrintn)


4. Wat Phra Phutthakhaya (Buddha Temple)

Wat Phra Phutthakaya is an important sanctuary of the Thai village of Sangkhlaburi built by a Burmese monk on a hill near the riverbank so you can see it right from the Songkaria River.

The temple is a mix of Thai and Burmese styles, and a large gold stupa in the Indian style. At the entrance of the temple complex are two giant Chinthes, mythical lions commonly seen guarding Burmese temples. 


Temple of the Bodh Gaya - beautiful Tuyteej temple in Sangkhlaburi villageThe most beautiful temple in the village (Photo @mw.ndy113)


A few hundred meters from the temple on the lakeside is a large golden Puttakaya stupa modeled after the stupa of the Mahabodhi temple in the town of Bodhgaya, India, where Buddha attained enlightenment about 2,500 years ago. Although it was built about 3 decades ago, all the architecture in the temple seems to be still intact, very impressive.


Bodh Gaya Temple - a prominent work in Sangkhlaburi villageAnyone who comes can't miss it (Photo @dew_nattawut)


Moreover, inside the temple, there are relics of the sacred Buddha, so it is not only frequented by the people of the two countries but also the center for performing rituals on important holidays and festivals of the two countries. Buddhism like Songkran .

5. Somdet Pagoda (Old)

Opposite the sunken temple is the abandoned temple of Somdej Kao, located on a small hill, so it is not flooded. Inside the chapel there is a Buddha statue in relatively complete condition. Around the church, there are large banyan trees blocking the wind, looking very fanciful and ancient. 


Treeside pagoda - ancient construction in Sangkhlaburi villageThe ancient temple right next to the old tree (Photo @patie_thor)


6. Songkaria Thác Waterfall

Located at the bridge on the Song Maria River, Sangkhlaburi district and about 8 km from Sangkla city, when you drive towards the border of the Three Stupa Pass, you will see the Songkaria waterfall on the right hand side. 


waterfall - ideal picnic place in Sangkhlaburi villageThe stream is clear and cool (Photo @_priiaw)


This is an interesting tourist destination for you to swim and play with the clear, cool water, especially when the water is not high so it is extremely safe. When you've played for a while, you can visit the restaurant by the water to enjoy delicious Northeastern spicy food, which will definitely make your picnic more interesting.


6. Monk offering ceremony 

This is the long-standing tradition of Sangkhlaburi town . Every early morning at around 6:30, you will see a long line of people in the village waiting for monks with smiles on their faces. Sometimes there will be people piled rice bowls on their heads or tourists wearing Mon costumes walking around taking photos. It is guaranteed to be an interesting sight that you cannot see anywhere else in this country.


festivals - interesting activities in Sangkhlaburi villageSpecial customs during the holiday (Photo @apompompuppy)


7. The people are friendly and likeable

People in Sangkhlaburi village mostly live on agriculture, such as farming and fishing on the coast, so they are extremely sincere and simple. When they come to say hello and talk, they will always give you the brightest smiles on their faces, even willing to tell you many interesting stories without asking for a dime like other resorts. .


Genuine people in Sangkhlaburi villageWorking as a farmer, the people are very sincere and rustic (Photo @pppleaaa)


8. Interesting village next to the wall

The attraction not to be missed here is the interesting activities on the border such as Mon village with the cultural features of Mon still and quite clearly not lost over time. This is where visitors can observe men in sarongs and Mon women with powder-covered faces and impressively painted cheeks with white Thanaka powder - cosmetics from local wisdom.


culture of Mon village - the village next to SangkhlaburiThe unique culture of the neighboring village (Photo @kaisernchen)


Transportation to Sangkhlaburi village

Self driving

From Bangkok, you follow National Highway 4 (Phetkasem Road), through Nakhon Pathom province, drive about 9 km, you will find Kanchanaburi floating bridge, continue to follow Highway 323 for about 7 km, you will find an intersection , now turn right to reach Mueang Kanchanaburi district. Then go to Kaeng Sian intersection towards Thong Pha Phum district, pass both Sai Yok Noi and Sai Yok Yai (Km. 125, National Highway 323), you will find a fork, turn right will reach Sangkhlaburi village . 


Public bus

From Bangkok, you go to the southern bus station or the northern bus station Mo Chit II on Kamphaeng Phet 2 road, take the Bangkok - Kanchanaburi bus route and get off at Kanchanaburi bus station. Then take the Kanchanaburi - Thong Pha Phum - Sangkhlaburi (non-air-conditioned bus) and get off at Sangkhlaburi Bus Terminal, with a total travel time of 6 hours and a one-way fare ranging from 100 to 200 Thai Baht for second class. and first class.

In addition, you can also use the air-conditioned bus of Asia Sai Yok Bus Co., Ltd. to go in the city with a driving time from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 1 trip every 1 hour. Faster travel time only takes about 4 to 5 hours but the price will be more expensive from 200 to 300 baht for one way.

When traveling to Thailand, don't forget to visit the peaceful Sangkhlaburi to dispel all the troubles in life!