Relive your childhood at Hello Kitty House in Bangkok

 Hello Kitty who appeared during our childhood is hard to forget, now even more unique at Sanrio Hello Kitty House in Bangkok.

Satisfy the childhood dreams of many girls at Hello Kitty House in Bangkok

Hello Kitty is the most lovable and influential character in the world, and over the years has become an outstanding symbol for any child's childhood. The name Hello Kitty comes from the official cherry blossom country in 1974, is a unique creative image produced by Sanrio Company.



Many of you still think that to meet Kitty directly, you have to travel to Japan far away. But that's not so, actually Café Hello Kitty is now present in many places around the world including in Seoul, Jeju (Korea), Adelaide, Sydney (Australia), Ivrene (California), etc. If you come to Thailand , then in the busiest shopping center of Siam Square One in Bangkok, there is also a very beautiful Hello Kitty cafe. Because it is located right in the neighboring country of Vietnam, now visiting, playing and taking pictures with Kitty has become easier and more convenient than ever, right?


Anyone who loves Hello Kitty is right, from the main pink color, to the tables and chairs, stairs, doors, ... all are meticulously cared for and imprinted with cute Hello Kittys. Sanrio Hello Kitty House in Bangkok  officially opened on April 8, 2014 at Siam Square One, Bangkok. This is also an amusement complex in the style of Kitty, officially authorized by Sanrio - a Japanese company that created this famous cartoon character. Sanrio Hello Kitty House has an area of ​​​​more than 800m2, and is invested about 100 million THB, so the space is very large, spoiled for fun and relaxation with friends.


There are only a few Hello Kitty cafes in the whole of Asia, but Sanrio House in Bangkok is probably the best, at least in terms of size. The whole 3-storey complex not only serves coffee, but also combines shops and spas.

Visit Hello Kitty House in Bangkok

This is a unique cafe combined with the display and sale of Hello Kitty souvenirs. In Thailand, most people know  Hello Kitty House in Bangkok . Because, it is difficult to find a place dedicated to believers who love this beautiful cat associated with such a diverse childhood.


The first impression for Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok is the large space with many floors and many different services. The Sanrio Hello Kitty House complex has 3 interesting L (English) concepts: "Love", "Live", "Laugh".

As for the G floor, which is the bottom floor, it is also the place to help people beautify. Body care services and souvenirs associated with pink and Hello Kitty will help customers feel comfortable and comfortable.


On the first floor, themed "Love at a glance" (roughly translated: Love at first sight) is the place to bring sweet cakes and flavorful cups of coffee or tea. The first floor is usually the place to stop for guests who stop by Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok after choosing for themselves lovely souvenirs from downstairs. Everything related to Hello Kitty has a lovely, pretty feel and you will not hesitate to pay for this place. With a price of 95 - 200 baht (about 60 - 130k / portion), Hello Kitty House is storming Thai youth and international tourists. 




At Hello Kitty House , visitors will be delighted to see everything that is shaped or related to the pink cat. The shops even sell Kitty-shaped cakes like delicious, scrumptious Hello Kitty donuts.

On the 2nd floor with the theme "Laugh" (Laughter) brings a space where everyone can laugh happily and happily. This floor is dedicated to organizing birthday parties, important parties booked in advance. Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok with a little love from the decoration to the image will bring unforgettable emotions.




The space of the entire famous Thai cafe  Hello Kitty House in Bangkok is filled with images of Hello Kitty cats. Whether it's the floor, the ceiling, or the chairs and tables, all of them carry a cute and painful Hello Kitty image. A tour, taking pictures and seeing everything about the adorable cat. Thai tourists can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and cakes to nourish their health. Finally, don't forget to visit the souvenir shop. You will find everything about this Kitty cat

Don't forget to note down the address of Hello Kitty House!

  • Address: G Floor, Siam Square One, Bangkok
  • Phone number: (+662) 115-1335
  • Opening time: 10:00 - 22:00

Don't forget to prepare a 4G SIM card for easy communication with loved ones as well as post check-in photos on Instagram and Facebook as quickly as possible. I'm sure everyone will love it and drop lots of hearts for your lovely photos! Also, remember to prepare a full phone battery, because here, your phone and camera will quickly run out of battery. Everywhere there are "super-genuine" photobooths. 

A place that can bring back the childhood atmosphere like Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok if you don't come, it's a pity. What are you waiting for, hurry up and invite your friends to book a ticket to "return to childhood" right at Hello Kitty House in Bangkok .