"I'm looking for a sim" at Tien Ca cafe in Thailand for the 'banh beo' team

 Legend has it that anyone who goes to the Mermaid cafe in Thailand Papa Beach Pattaya will get a set of "million likes" photos on Instagram. Put this place right in your travel notebook to save check-in when the COVID-19 epidemic is over. 

Referring to Pattaya, everyone knows that this is the most popular beach city in Thailand. Not only leaving an impression by the rich flavor of the food, visitors are also attracted by the cafes in Pattaya. How to Bangkok just one hour, Chonburi province is the perfect destination for people who prefer "quiet cafe". It is home to countless cafes with unique themes, such as space travel, abandoned planes or the wild Amazon jungle. 


quan-caphe-tien-ca-o-thailandMermaid cafe in Thailand - destination for the banh beo team (Photo: @papabeachpattaya)

In the past few weeks, the mermaid cafe in Thailand Papa Beach Pattaya is causing a storm on social media with its mermaid-colored photography angles and pastel "banh beo" tones. 

Information about Mermaid cafe in Thailand

Address: 41, Moo 3 47, Na Chom Thian Sub, Sattahip, Chonburi.

Operating hours: 9:30am - 7:00pm every day

Phone number: +66 63 949 4635

Facebook: Papa Beach Pattaya 

Explore Pattaya Mermaid Cafe

Enjoy the sea breeze on giant seashells in Thailand Papa Beach Pattaya

Inspired by the sea paradise of Bali, the mermaid cafe space  in Thailand Papa Beach Pattaya is covered by a cool green bamboo dome, simple straw walls and cozy seating with bird's nest shape. One thing to note to check-in at this lovely "bird's nest" is that you need to order a menu for each person so that the staff will bring you a receipt, and this receipt will be considered as a ticket to Take pictures here. 

chup-anh-tai-vo-so-tai-quan-caphe-tien-ca-o-thai-lanCheck-in at the giant seashell (Photo: @@hwahwa_chinadolls)


hoa-thanh-tien-ca-tai-quan-caphe-tien-ca-o-thai-lanTransform into a mermaid at Papa Beach Pattaya (Photo: @papabeachpattaya)

The photo corner themed "Under The Sea" (roughly translated: "Under the Ocean") of the shop has just been launched but has quickly received the love of the majority of "virtual living" followers. Pink purple coral reefs to seashells, giant sea snails, the "no dead angle" photo location is here!

The sad news is that this unique photography angle is only available until the end of August 2020. However, don't be sad because there are still many other magical corners in Thailand Papa Beach Pattaya . The highlight here is the bird's nest-shaped swing with a view of the sea. With the style of Balinese atmosphere, along with the decoration from trees, bamboo and natural materials, this place has become more unique and fancy than ever. 

xich-du-to-chim-tai-quan-caphe-tien-ca-o-thai-lanBird's nest swing is "popular" at the restaurant (Photo: @papabeachpattaya)

At this beautiful mermaid cafe , even just one wall is beautifully decorated, with deep brown tones of wood, contrasting with the blue of the sea and the white of the clouds. If you love photography, that's great. Wandering around this beautiful cafe, you will realize that there is no most beautiful place here, only a more beautiful place.

chup-anh-o-quan-caphe-tien-ca-o-thai-lanEverywhere is a beautiful angle at Mermaid cafe in Thailand (Photo: @papabeachpattaya)


cau-thanh-dan-rabien-tai-qua-caphe-tien-ca-o-thai-lanThe stairs lead to the balcony by the sea (Image: @papabeachpattaya)

Next to the "swallow house" there is also a staircase leading to the balcony with a view towards the vast sea. This place is very suitable for watching the sunset and the vast ocean. It is undeniable that life is always full of colors, from light to dark. But in Papa Beach Pattaya , you will realize in a certain moment, all around you are bright and vibrant colors.

Don't forget to order food at Mermaid Cafe in Thailand

It will be difficult to find a faded and unattractive check-in corner. Even the food and drinks in the restaurant's menu are "invested" in accordance with the general concept. You won't be able to imagine it if you don't give it a try. The names that sound very often like syrup, noodles, cakes, waffles, ... are "transformed" to become extremely beautiful. 


do-an-tai-quan-caphe-tien-ca-o-thailandThe food at the restaurant is both beautiful and delicious (Photo: @papabeachpattaya)


am-thuc-tai-quan-caphe-tien-ca-o-thai-lanDon't forget to take a photo and upload it on Instagram (Photo: @papabeachpattaya)


A little tip for you guys is not to forget to order some delicious drinks and cakes and update on Instagram.

You can also enjoy Thai cuisine on sparkling seashell plates, the flavor of the dish seems to be stronger. Not only beautiful, the quality of drinks and food at Papa Beach Pattaya is also "extreme"!

With its beauty, mermaid cafe in Thailand Papa Beach Pattaya is becoming a popular place for young Thais as well as tourists. If you are planning to travel to Pattaya , do not forget to visit this beautiful place.