'Drunk like a cigar' before the luxury and splendor of the Thai billionaire's castle

 Pattaya is a tourist city that has never let us down with countless interesting destinations, such as the super luxurious and lavish Thai billionaire castle.

About Thai billionaire castle

Located at 2 on Sukhumvit main road 129 km long in Naklua district, Banglamung district, Chonburi province of Pattya city and about 1 km from Bang Lamung District Office, Thai billionaire Baan Sukawadee castle is a seaside residence Pattaya beach has an area of ​​more than 80 rai and has a 400 meter long beach.


The lavish scene at the Thai billionaire's castleThe scene is very luxurious (Photo @janegolubeva)


In the year 2000 during the great economic crisis, many small businesses went bankrupt so foreigners took the business of Thai people. To show that Thais have the same potential as foreigners, Dr. Panyachottewan - owner of Saha Farm built this luxurious mansion among a team of hundreds of people.

It can be said that this Baan Sukawadee project was born from intelligence and teamwork, based on love and unity, showing the Thai people in harmony, unity, potential and dignity like foreigners. outside, making everyone admire.


Unique architecture of Thailand's billionaire castle

The Thai billionaire castle was built with Roman architecture and decoration combining both European and Asian styles with mainly pink and blue tones. This is not a coincidence because the origin of the word "Sukhavati" means happy land according to Mahayana beliefs, where pink and blue are colors that carry a good meaning.


Exquisite design of Thai billionaire castleAll the details are very delicate (Photo @armo.mi)


Pink is the color of love as the saying goes "Where there is no love, nothing will work". Therefore, where there is love, solidarity, and consensus, there will always be good and creative stories, leading to prosperity. In addition, the love of the house is also expressed in the statue of the god "Cupid" placed right in front of the door.

Meanwhile, blue is the color of water - the source of all living things in the world, and also a substance that can adapt to many different states, including solid, liquid and gas. That is, whether there are changes in the economy or changes in the world, it is always adaptable and will certainly last.

With decoration full of enthusiasm and deep meanings, along with many sacred things should be worshiped such as the birth of Buddha Phra Mae Kuan Yin, King Taksin the Great, King Rama V, Krom Luang Chumphon Khet U Kingdomsak Hay The Father of the Royal Thai Navy ... the palace of the Thai billionaire makes anyone who comes here can't help but admire.


The architecture of Thailand's billionaire castleMajestic magnificence can not take your eyes off (Photo @katyasidorova89)


Impressive works of Thai billionaire castle

1. Kuan Yin Phra Mae Building

This building was built in 2000 along with the formation of Thai billionaire's castle , consisting of 5 floors: banquet hall, where the royal statue of King Rama V is kept, Chotthewan family residence, room multi-purpose for a workshop of 500 people and a place to worship the goddess Quan Am - Pang Prasat to bless the dragon. 

Decorated with priceless gems, it is extremely shimmering and luxurious like a real royal palace, and this is also an ideal place to admire the beautiful scenery of Pattaya.


Main building at Thai billionaire's castleUnique architecture (Photo @bodnya_ksenia)


2. Guanyin Building

This is a domed building that houses Buddha statues and sacred objects. In it, there is a 9.28-meter high Buddha statue, his right hand points to the sky, his left hand points to the ground, expressing the abstract meaning that "In this world, when there is heaven, there will be earth. The Buddha intended to show everyone that this world is the opposite. Even now it is successful. But it may soon fall into disrepair. It also contains many truths and truths.”

The inside of the domed building of the Thai billionaire's house in Pattaya is decorated with pictures and history of monks and statues representing various philosophies and mysteries, such as the Sangkajai Buddha with children blowing trumpets, 18 horses, hens and chicks, etc. have a religious nature that Buddhists cannot ignore.

3. Phutthabaramee Building

This building was built in 2003 as a lavishly decorated auditorium, which is likened to a beautiful mural created by the Ministry of Fine Arts, with the largest carpet in Asia Pacific and some meeting room to organize events of Saha Farm or its branches.


The living room of the Thai billionaire's castleSpacious hall (Photo @anyaivkova)


This is the venue to welcome important figures and organize national events at the billionaire castle of Thailand . In addition, in this place is also placed the precious "Buddha Relic Stupa" which is splendidly decorated like the Buddha's spirit.


4. Iris sofia building 

This is the area for health care - beauty and O-TOP products, 4-5 stars nationwide so that visitors visiting Baan Sukawadee building in Pattaya can relax and enjoy luxurious services. like real royalty.


5. Octagonal building

This is a center for food, drinks and a souvenir supply of Thailand's billionaire castle with 3 large restaurants, including Open Hall restaurant serving international buffet. Guests having lunch here can admire many spectacular Thai-Chinese cultural performances.

Next to it is Lan Chang Phuak restaurant, specializing in serving fresh seafood every day from the sea. In the midst of a luxurious atmosphere, you can relax at a table by the sea with a variety of delicious and delicious seafood.

In addition, you can also buy quality products bearing the "HEALTH FOOD" logo of Saha Farms to take home as a gift after your trip to Thailand , this will certainly be extremely meaningful to see.


6. Garden 

This is the most enchanted area at the Thai billionaire's castle with a large green garden neatly trimmed like the garden in  France's Versailles palace . Along with that is a clear swimming pool, a waterfall that flows like a fairy scene, and giant trees shimmering in the seven-color light like  Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, so you only need to walk around the garden to feel like walking around. it's the world. 


Virtual living corner at the billionaire castle of ThailandNice virtual living corner (Photo @yanalnsta)


The garden - the bright spot of the Thai billionaire's castleLike getting lost in Singapore (Photo @jannet_dark_travel)


Some information at Thailand's billionaire castle

Entrance ticket price :

- Adults (Thai nationality) are 180 baht, adults (foreigners) 500 baht. Seniors (60 years and older) is 100 baht (must show identification). Monks are 100 baht (present identification). Thai government official (with government official card) is 150 baht. 

- Children (both Thai and foreigners) under 100 cm in height are free of charge, Thai children with a height of 100 - 120 cm are 100 baht, foreign children 100 - 120 cm tall are 300 baht, Children 120 cm tall and above will be charged as adults.

Opening hours : from 8 am to 19 pm daily. The restaurant alone serves lunch from 10:30 am to 14 pm and dinner from 16:30 pm to 20 pm.

- There are trams for visitors to visit the outside area such as: gardens, beautiful flowers and a large pond, including taking to tourist attractions in the building of the Thai billionaire .

- Visitors can walk around and shop for United Farm products at special prices here. 

If you go to Pattaya but skip  the Thai billionaire castle , your trip will be incomplete.