Interesting facts about French cuisine

 In France, cooking is a serious art form, the birthplace of fine dining at a time when the rest of Europe was still binge eating. If you want to learn about the culinary characteristics of France, this article will give you more interesting things!

Typical French cuisine: Haute Cuisine

France has one of the most revered cuisines in the world, and the United Nations recognizes French cuisine as a cultural heritage. According to UNESC, France's culinary culture is important in "bringing people together to enjoy the art of fine dining" and its power to create "sociability, the joy of taste and the balance between man and the products of nature”.


Food in France - Features of French cuisineFrance - a country where you will find love and delicious food.


Haute Cuisine literally means 'high-end cooking', haute cuisine was brought to the forefront by chef and restaurateur Georges Auguste Escoffier in France in 1900, through his book 'Le Guide Culinaire', which is still  found in most professional kitchens around the world.

Modern-day chefs, cooks and foodies are indebted to the French. Not only because of the delicious French food that many of us must love, but also because the French have a rich culinary history, and it has influenced the world as we know it. 


Cooking food in a Michelin-starred restaurant - French cuisineCook food in a Michelin star restaurant


The country is home to more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other and this has to do with stunning restaurants like 'Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée' in Paris and 'Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge' in Dijon. When traveling to France , you should prepare a decent travel budget just to buy food - gourmet cuisine is not cheap. However, to enjoy classic French dishes like Duck a l'Orange or Steak Diane you don't have to spend too much...

Also, the most used ingredient in typical French recipes is butter and lots of it, so it's not always the healthiest dish. But French avocado is probably the best in the world. 


Haute cuisine is a feature of French cuisine - A feature of French cuisineHaute cuisine is a feature of French cuisine


Some French recipes date back centuries. Some recipes were invented for royalty, and others were created by necessity and passed down from generation to generation. These generations of recipes are considered traditional French peasant dishes, and many have evolved into trendy dishes. There are many examples of meals that were once just a poor man's dinner that have become regional specialties sold in gourmet stores, and even listed on dinner menus. high class.


Decorative arts in French cuisine - Features of French cuisineDecorative arts in French cuisine


The regional dish, like the French one, is haute, which are regional classics that bring food to life on any visit to this diverse country.


Interesting facts about French food

- By law, a traditional bread can only have three ingredients: yeast, flour and salt, and must weigh 250 grams.

- More than 500,000,000 snails are consumed in France every year.


Snail dish in France - Typical French cuisineSnail dish in France


- The French consume more cheese per capita than any other county, about 57 pounds per person per year.

- The French like to eat horses, frogs and rabbits.

- As is typical of French cuisine, a 2-hour lunch is acceptable in most regions of France, and many shops close from 12pm to 2pm to serve such meals.

- The French eat cheese for dessert. It can also be consumed at any other time of the day.

- Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, just a piece of bread and jam with coffee or hot chocolate.


A cheese shop in FranceA cheese shop in France


- Supermarkets cannot dispose of leftover food; it must be donated. France was the first country to enact such a law in 2016.

- You can order a beer at McDonald's but not in France Pháp

- It is common to see unrefrigerated milk on grocery store shelves.


Regional cuisine in France and typical dishes

French cuisine changes with the seasons, and French cuisine varies greatly from region to region, with each local specialty. The staple French food is baguette, which is eaten by 95% of the population. Excluding French baguettes, food and drinksvaries greatly from region to region. The diverse landscapes and geography of 16 different regions influence the agricultural crops that farmers grow, the animals they raise, and the cheeses and wines produced. France borders 6 other countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain and Switzerland) and the cuisine of the regions bordering these countries is often influenced by these neighbours. For example, the Italian Chicken Francese was inspired by the French Chicken Francaise, and the Swiss Chicken Cordon Bleu was basically used by France with many variations that contribute to the cuisine of each region.


Baguette - French cuisine featuresBaguettes @chefdenise


Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes: Renowned for the best ski resorts in France and unique wines, this area also offers plenty of French cuisine.

One of the Alp's most beloved dishes is one of France's most famous - the Fondue Savoyarde, made with a combination of Comté, Beaufort, Gruyére and Emmental cheeses. 


French fondue - Typical French cuisineFrench fondue @chefdenise


Brittany (Brittany) : With over 1,000 kilometers of coastline, it's no surprise that Brittany's specialties include a wide range of seafood.

Enjoying the scenery of the ocean on the shore and eating a plate of fresh seafood is one of the best pleasures Brittany has to offer. Plateau de Fruits de Mer can include raw and cooked combinations of freshly caught shellfish and molluscs such as oysters, mussels, mussels, scallops, winks, crabs and shrimp.


Plateau de Fruits de Mer - Typical French cuisinePlateau de Fruits de Mer @chefdenise


Bourgogne - Franche-Comté: This region produces some of the best wines and cheeses in the world, and that alone is enough to call it heaven.

Burgundy is a famous wine-producing region that is all about the good life. Their food is hearty, completely imbued with wine that is one of the best in France . Top choices would be Oeufs en Meurette (eggs marinated in red wine), Boeuf Bourguignon (a delectable beef stew cooked with oodles vin rouge) and Cuisses de grenouille or Frog's Legs to the Anglo ... often served. Serve with some parsley between fish and chicken.


Cuisses de grenouille - Typical French cuisineCuisses de grenouille @chefdenise


Corse (Corsica): The cuisine on this island located between France and Italy is a fusion of two countries. Although Corsica is surrounded by water, its inhabitants seem to eat as much meat as seafood.

Centre-Val de Loire : In the heart of France, the beautiful château de la Loire graces historic villages along the Loire River. Obviously the area was heavily influenced by the kings, but much of the French cuisine  in this region has its roots in the peasantry. Don't miss the most famous French apple dessert, Tarte Tatin, invented by the Tatin sisters of Orléans. It is usually served warm and is best accompanied by vanilla ice cream.


The most famous French apple dessert, Tarte Tatin - French cuisineThe most famous French apple dessert, Tarte Tatin @chefdenise


Grand Est (Alsace, Champagne, Lorraine): This region shares the largest border with Germany and its vicinity. There are some regional specialties, like Choucroute Garnie, sauerkraut with juniper berries, caraway, potatoes and three types of sausage: Frankfurter, Strasbourg and Montbéliard.


Choucroute Garnie - Typical French cuisineChoucroute Garnie @chefdenise


Hauts de France (Nord Pas-de-Calais - Picardie): Many of this region's specialties are of Belgian origin, such as creamy fish stew, Waterzooi, and Belgium's national dish, Moules Frites, aka mussels and fries.


Pâté de Canard - Typical of French cuisinePâté de Canard @chefdenise


Nouvelle Aquitaine (Aquitaine, Poitou-Charentes, Limousin): The southwestern corner of France has a rich history in food, agriculture and winemaking.


Traditional Mouclade - Mussels with curry cream sauce.  - Features of French cuisineTraditional Mouclade - Mussels with curry cream sauce. @chefdenise


Ile de France (Paris):  Historically known as the playground of kings, culinary delights abound in Paris. Image-perfect bakeries Tartes au Citron, Tartes aux Fraises, éclairs, macarons and hundreds of other French delights line the streets.


A bakery in Paris - Typical French cuisineA bakery in Paris @chefdenise


Paris has escargot (snails) marinated in garlic and butter or Coquille St. Jacques (a beautiful ice cream and shellfish dish) and Steak Tartare (minced raw beef prepared with brandy and Tabasco with a raw egg on top…


Steak Tartare - Typical French cuisineSteak Tartare @chefdenise


Normandie: In addition to being the site of historic World War II landings, Normadie today houses the iconic Mont Saint-Michelle, producing the largest amount of cheese in France and growing more than 800 varieties of apples.


Types of French cheeses - Typical French cuisineFrench cheeses @chefdenise


Occitanie ( Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc) : Occitanie's signature French dish is undeniably Cassoulet, a hearty white bean stew with duck and sausage.  


Cassoulet - Typical of French cuisineCassoulet @chefdenise


Pays de la Loire: The traditional French sauce Beurre Blanc (literally, white butter sauce) is a famous dish of this Western region. The story goes that a chef outside Nantes invented the sauce when she forgot to put eggs in her Béarnaise sauce, and her customers loved it. In coastal regions, a rich sauce is often served with fresh fish, or mussels from the Baie de l'Aigullon.


Beurre Blanc Sauce - Typical French cuisineBeurre Blanc Sauce @chefdenise


Provence-Cote d'Azur (PACA) : Known worldwide for the purple lavender rows of Provence and the crystal-clear beaches of the French Riviera, or Cote d'Azur , this area closes. role as a place to welcome visitors from all over the world to enjoy their dream vacation.


Salade Nicoise - Typical French cuisineSalade Nicoise @chefdenise


Located right on the green coast, you would expect that the cuisine of this region will mainly focus on seafood. Bouillabaisse (saffron and fish soup) for example is an absolute classic, but be sure not to miss the Aïoli Garni (a selection of vegetables and seafood dipped with eggless garlic mayonnaise).