Explore Devil's Tower - a geological wonder millions of years old in the US

 Devil's Tower is considered the most unique and famous geological wonder of the United States. Especially located in the middle of the unspoiled plain, it creates an impressive highlight and attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. If you are also curious to explore this place, let's follow this article to the end.

About America's Devil Tower

Devils Tower  English name is Devil's Tower , a monolithic structure formed by the eruption match or, more precisely, this is the ancient volcano. According to experts, this tower is more than 65 million years old, with the top part reaching 1,558m above sea level and located about 386m higher than the position around it. The location of Devil 's Tower is  located in a wild area in the northeast of Wyoming, USA. In the past, this area was quite remote anduninhabited, but in recent years, when the Devil's Tower was discovered, it became a famous tourist destination in the US , attracting a large number of tourists to visit explore.


Explore Devil Tower in the USWelcome gate of the geological wonder Devil Tower


Time to find Devil's Tower

When was the Devil's Tower found?  It is known that the Devil's Tower in the US  was discovered in 1893, by two people named: William Rogers and Willard Ripley. The surrounding natural landscape is quite wild and deserted, mainly composed of sedimentary rocks, which has strongly attracted experts, as well as those who love novelty and want to explore. On September 24, 1906,  Devil Tower  was considered by President Theodore Roosevelt as the first National Monument of the country, so this wonder has become more and more famous and known by many people.


Devil tower tour with great experiencesThe space around Devil's Tower


Interesting stories revolving around Devil's Tower

Maybe you don't know? Devil's Tower is a special wonder, associated with many legends and legends. Especially for the Aboriginal people and tribes around here such as Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa, etc,  the Devil 's Tower is a sacred place, so it is often used as a venue for important annual ceremonies. or major events. It is known that each tribe has its own mysterious legends about the Devil's Tower, but the stories all have in common related to the event about the giant bear and the magic stone.


Interesting stories about America's Devil's TowerLegend of the giant bear and the magic stone


According to the stories of the tribes living here, the most popular story about  the Devil's Tower  is about the Indian tribe when a giant bear came to disturb it. One day, there were 7 girls playing in the tribe, suddenly a giant bear appeared and attacked the girls. Seeing danger, the children rushed to run, but could not escape the bear's speed, so they hurriedly climbed onto a nearby rock. At this time, the children knelt together and begged the rock to help them escape the chase of the giant bear. Hearing the request, the rock suddenly got higher, but unfortunately the bear jumped to cling to the rock. Seeing that, the rock continued to move and grew higher, causing the bear to fall from above. Finally, the children escaped danger and turned into a sparkling constellation named Pleiades. 


Things to know when going to Devil's Tower in the USThe scratches around the Devil's Tower are left by the bear's paws


The story about  the Devil's Tower  above is also the answer to why there are so many large streaks outside the tower. And that's the mark that giant bears scratch when chasing people,


The famous Devil's Tower travel experience in the USDiscover the beauty of Devil's Tower


What's interesting about Devil's Tower?

The most impressive thing about Devil's Tower is probably the wild, rustic surrounding natural landscape, very suitable for sightseeing, sightseeing and stress relief. When you get closer, you will be able to see with your own eyes a unique wonder, honed by the Creator with many exquisite details. In the summer, you will be immersed in a fresh, fresh space, see many beautiful scenes, and also create many photos of a lifetime. In winter, when the snow is covered, the whole tower is like wearing a crystal coat, creating a fanciful and poetic scene. Besides, coming to  Devil's Tower  in the winter, you can also participate in many other interesting activities such as camping, skiing, ... more. Especially,  Trekking in Devil's Tower tháp This is the most popular experience here. When you will have a close-up look and touch the giant bear paw prints outside the Devil's tower, which in the legend mentioned. When climbing to the top of the mountain, looking away from above, a picture of nature appears right in front of your eyes, green meadows, majestic mountain ranges, winding roads, all are harmoniously combined with nature each other in the most appropriate way. Overall,  visiting Devil's Tower  will be a memorable journey for you.


Visiting Devil's Tower in winterWinter at Devil's Tower is covered with a layer of white snow


With the  information about Devil's tower  above, hope that you will update yourself with the necessary knowledge, to have a convenient and interesting trip. Have fun playing!