Experience and reputable bath money exchange address, good exchange rate today

 You want to find an address to change baht to prepare for a trip to the Land of the Golden Temple but do not know where to change the baht? The following article will introduce you to famous Thai currency exchange addresses with good exchange rates.

The baht is from which country?

Before learning about the address to change the baht , you should also understand the basic information about this currency. The currency of Thailand is the baht and has the symbol THB. Money in Thailand is circulated in the form of banknotes and coins while in Vietnam money is circulated only as paper money. Coins in Thailand are used for many different purposes such as paying for bus rides, subway rides, using coins to buy things at vending machines or paying at restaurants... So when in Thailand, you should prepare with you a bag to hold coins that will be very convenient for daily transactions. 

Address to exchange baht money - which country's baht
Baht money is from Thailand


The highest banknote in circulation in Thailand is 1000 THB, the smallest is 20 THB. Thai has denominations of 10.5, 2 and 1 THB, but only 2 THB is not commonly used.

In Thailand, there are many shops, restaurants and service locations that allow the use of cards to make transactions. So when in Thailand, if you don't have cash, you can still use your card to pay. However, when using the card you will be charged a bank fee.

What is the exchange rate for baht?

In addition to the baht, in Thailand you can also use USD. Also do not use other currencies. Therefore, when going to Thailand, you should exchange Thai baht for convenient transactions and exchange of goods. The exchange rate is not fixed but will change daily, so you need to pay attention to follow up to update the fastest information. The current exchange rate between Thai Baht and VND is: 

- 1 Baht = 750 VND (one Thai bath can be exchanged for seven hundred and fifty Vietnamese dong).

Note: The exchange rate for Thai baht depends on each time. 

Address to exchange baht - exchange rate
The exchange rate of baht currency varies from time to time


Reputable baht exchange address, good price

Here are reputable bath money exchange addresses that you can refer to.

Address to change baht in Hanoi

When you want to exchange baht in Hanoi, you can go to gold shops on Ha Trung street. Changing Thai currency at these shops is better and more convenient than you change at banks.

But many of the addresses here are not authorized to do foreign currency exchange, so you also need to be careful when exchanging money. Here are some reputable addresses on Ha Trung Street that you can rest assured when exchanging foreign currency, specifically Thai currency:

– Quoc Trinh: 27-29 Ha Trung, Hang Bong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

– Kim Linh 3: 47 Ha Trung, Hang Bong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

– Thinh Quang 1: 33 Ha Trung, Hang Bong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

– Huy Khoi: 19 Ha Trung, Hang Bong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

– Chinh Quang: 30 Ha Trung, Hang Bong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Address to change baht - change money in Hanoi Hà
Address to change baht in Hanoi


Where to exchange Thai money in Saigon?

And if you are in Ho Chi Minh City and want to change Thai money, which address to change baht is reputable ? Check out some of the addresses below:

– Kim Chau shop: 784 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10

– Kim Hung: 209 Pham Van Hai, Tan Binh District

– Mai Ha: Chess board market, District 3

– Saigon Kim Hoan Center: 40-42 Phan Boi Chau, District 1

– Kim Chau shop: 784 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10

– Kim Mai Gold Shop: 84C Cong Quynh, District 1

If you do not go to the places to exchange baht in Saigon mentioned above, you should go to banks with branches and transaction offices in Ho Chi Minh City to buy, sell and exchange foreign currencies. But exchanging money at the selling bank is usually higher than at other addresses. 

Address to exchange baht - change money in Saigon
Exchange baht in Saigon


Exchange baht at the bank

If you do not feel confident and secure when changing money at stores that have foreign currency trading services, you can choose to change money at a bank. But it should be remembered that the money exchanged at the bank will not be as good as the exchange outside. Vietcombank, Agribank, Techcombank, Sacombank, Dong A or MB Bank… are banks where you can make money exchange transactions.    

Address to exchange baht currency - change money at the bank
Exchange baht at the bank


Exchange Thai Baht in Thailand 

In case you do not have time to exchange money before departing, there is no need to worry because in Thailand there are transaction counters that allow you to buy and exchange foreign currency. But similar to when exchanging at Vietnamese banks, the exchange rate is often high, so you will not be able to change much. So it's better to find yourself an address to exchange baht before you go. 

You can change money right at the Thai airport, but the price will be high, so many people recommend limiting exchange at the airport unless reluctantly. In the tourist areas in Bangkok, you can also easily see foreign exchange counters, the price is cheaper than the counters at the airport. However, compared to the price in Vietnam, it is still higher. If you have not been able to find reputable Thai money exchange addresses , save the information of the above addresses, consult the prices and decide to choose a place to make the transaction. 

Address to exchange baht - change money in Thailand
Exchange Thai Baht in Thailand 

Notes when exchanging baht

Here are the notes you need to pay attention to when exchanging baht: 

- Should carefully check the bill and the amount after changing.

- Thai baht can be withdrawn with a domestic debit card on a Thai ATM.

- The exchange rate from VND to baht at agents is better than elsewhere and credit cards.

- If using USD to convert to baht, you should use bills with serial numbers from 1995 or later and the higher the denomination the better. 

- Exchange money in Thailand or Vietnam also has the same exchange rate.

That's the whole experience and address to exchange Thai baht that you should not ignore for the most useful information. Hope to help you choose the address to change Thai currency with the best exchange rate.