Dreaming of the season of wild sunflowers covering the hills in Thailand

 In the last days of autumn, the tourism community of the land of the Golden Temple is excited by the image of a hill of wild sunflowers in Thailand covered with romantic dreams.

When looking at the images of this wild sunflower hill in Thailand , you must be wondering, why is there such a beautiful scene like a fairy in the middle of life?


Wild sunflower hill in Thailand_totay168This scene thought only in the movie (Photo: totay168)


Stunningly beautiful wild sunflower hill in Thailand

It is not only Vietnam, Da Lat or Ba Vi that has a blooming season of yellow wild sunflowers , in neighboring Thailand, there is also a magically beautiful wild sunflower season, which seems like a dream.

Thousands of hills, covered with yellow flowers of wild sunflowers to the horizon. It is known that this wild sunflower forest is the road through Mae U Ko hill (Mae Hong Son, Thailand). Every year from November to December, this place attracts tourists to take pictures and watch flowers.


Wild sunflower hill in northern ThailandFlower color stretches to infinity (Photo: _elle_bearkung_)


The famous wild sunflower hill of the land of golden pagodas, becoming a favorite tourist destination of Thailand,  is hunted by tourist followers located in the remote Mae Hong Son province of Northern Thailand. From November to December every year, the section of Mae U Ko hill is covered with gold by wild sunflowers in full bloom.


Wild sunflower hill in Thailand in full bloom - isuzuthailandofficialWild sunflower hill blooms in November - December (Photo: isuzuthailandofficial)

The characteristic of Mae Hong Son is the rolling hills, gently spreading. On the way to see flowers at Mae U Ko hill , visitors will experience winding passes with many dangerous bends. Considered a "specialty" of Mae Hong Son, the famous deep, winding mountain passes with about 1,864 dangerous turns are the most attractive things to visitors when coming here.


Wild sunflower hill in ThailandVisitors come to see the flower season (Photo: _ormalternative)


Although the flower hill is located on the corner of the steep and steep road, many tourists still do not hesitate to stop to "live virtual" with the field of bright yellow flowers. To get to Mae Hong Son, visitors can take a bus or fly from Chiang Mai. 

Wild sunflowers in Thailand are also known as Bung Tong or Mexican sunflowers. Blooming flowers create a golden carpet covering the hill, giving visitors a beautiful check-in background. This is also considered the largest, thickest and most extensive flower carpet of the land of the Golden Temple every late autumn.


Wild sunflower hill in Thailand at Mae Hong Son_Mae Hong Son in the late autumn days becomes extremely romantic (Photo: totay168-1)


In the blooming season, many convoys follow each other on the pass to enjoy the scenery. Adventurous tourists stand in the middle of the road to take pictures. The two most beautiful times to see the flowers of the day are early morning when the dawn has just appeared on the table, the misty layer of morning mist is on the table and in the afternoon when the sunset light covers the flower bed, the flower carpet is covered with a splendid golden body full of dreamy dreams. ا ا

Whether coming here in the morning or late afternoon, you can capture the best moments of wild sunflower hills in Thailand . You will see the hill of bright yellow flowers, covered with soft, clear sunlight in the early morning. When the sunset falls, the whole hill of yellow flowers is immersed in purple and pink, creating a fanciful scene.


Wild sunflower hill in Thailand at sunsetThe scene of the wild sunflower hill in Thailand at sunset


To fully enjoy the beauty of wild sunflowers , visitors should stop at Thung Bua Tong field on Mae U Ko hill. This is where wild sunflowers are grown and bloomed most brilliantly. The field is located close to the main road, convenient for visitors to search. 

In addition to watching the hills of wild sunflowers covered in Thailand , visitors to Mae Hong Son can experience many other destinations in the mountainous land of Northern Thailand. Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu on a windy hill, Ban Rak Thai flower village in the mist... are destinations you can't miss if you have the opportunity to visit Mae Hong Son.


Wild sunflower hill in Thailand in full bloom-katmatcha_1The vintage scene looks like a dream


Looking at these photos, you must be fascinated and wish once to set foot on the wild sunflower hill in Thailand in full bloom, right?