Desserts in France that will melt you in sweetness

 You're probably melting right now when it comes to French desserts!

Have you ever wondered what France really tastes like? Sweet. The French have spent centuries perfecting the art of pastry making and they know they love desserts. From crème pâtissière miracles to fruit tarts to pastries, everything is mouthwatering and delicious. So right now if you can't take a trip to France , let's learn about French desserts in this article!

The list of the most attractive desserts in France

Île flottante - Literally 'floating island', this fun kids treat features meringues that are floated on vanilla custard like a floating island. Floating island is a very light French dessert made from whipped egg whites. Their quality varies across French bistros, but try a good one and you'll be a fan for life!


Île flottate - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessle flottante


Crème brûlée:  This delicious, room-temperature dessert consists of a rich custard filling and a hard caramel layer. The custard can be flavored with vanilla, lemon, orange, chocolate, Amaretto, and other flavors.


Crème brûlée - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessCreme brûlée


Eclair au chocolat: is a French pastry flavored with chocolate. That's when you combine the choux pastry and the chocolate cream filling, it's both delicious and incredibly sweet in your mouth.  


Eclair au chocolat - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessEclair au chocolate


Macarons -This most popular French dessert features jam, buttercream or ganache sandwiched between two meringue cookies. It was created in France, and although many French bakeries like Ladurée have expanded into other countries, nothing compares to trying a melt-in-your-mouth pastry in its homeland.


Macarons - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessMacarons


Mont Blanc - This French dessert is incredibly soft and sweet. You can't go wrong with a mix of meringue and hazelnut cream and this is the cake to go with coffee. Mont Blanc is a towering mountain in France and so is the name of this cake

Mont Blanc - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessMont Blanc


Cherry Clavoutis - Most chefs in the Limousin region of France say that this cake is best when made from unknotted cherries. Purists insist on local black cherries, but you can enjoy this dessert with any boldly flavored fruit, like apricots or plums.


Cherry Clavoutis - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessCherry Clavoutis


Crepes - come in every shape imaginable. This French dessert is famous around the world and is available in savory versions. Usually they are served with bananas, strawberries, and berries and topped with a layer of chocolate chips.


Crêpes - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessCrêpes


Mango - basil - vacherin: This sweet fruit cake is a combination of eggs, sugar, lemon, chesse cream, basil and sweet mango sorbet. It can be said that this is a beautiful dessert in France that makes you not want to eat.


 Mango - basil - vacherin - French desserts that can melt you in sweetnessMango - basil - vacherin


Soufflé:  Soufflés can be served as a savory meal or a dessert in France , depending on the ingredients you use. They are usually served in individual ramekins, but once you pierce the top, the layer will likely melt and mix with the water below.


Soufflé - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessSoufflé


Crème caramel: sure everyone has eaten this dish, it originates from beautiful France and you often confuse it with crème brûlée. With a soft custard filling and caramel layer, this dessert is similar to a crème brûlée. However, this custard has a soft caramel topping, not the crunchy caramel on crème brûlée.


Crème caramel - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessCreme caramel


Tarte au citron : also known as lemon tart, is also very popular. Topped with a pastry crust and delicious lemon filling. The filling, which is not made with fruit, but with cream, is a mixture containing lemon juice, lemon zest, eggs and sugar.


Tarte au citron - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessTarte au citron


Petit Four - an extremely cute French dessert with the name "mini-oven" and also known as mignardises. It's not one but four cakes, which are small, bite-sized confections that can also be savory if you so choose. The sweet treat consists of a sugary glaze on top of a cracker. These cakes are perfect for tea parties.


Petit Four - French desserts that will melt you in sweetnessPetit Four


France has always been at the forefront of the culinary industry. They are famous for their breads, cheeses and fine dining, and have done more for the culinary world than you can imagine. In France, sweets are just as important as any other food, so France is the best place if you are a sweet lover!