Adventure to the world's youngest geothermal valley

 Waimangu Volcanic Valley is where you will experience beautiful walking & hiking trails, created through a natural geothermal ecosystem. 

Waimangu is home to the youngest geothermal system in the world. This geothermal system was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption on June 10, 1886. It has unique geothermal features in the world. Experience a geothermal phenomenon that will completely immerse you in the unique environment of New Zealand's Waimangu volcanic valley 


Emerald Lake - Waimangu . Volcanic ValleyEmerald Lake


The geothermal features at Waimangu are amazing. There is a large amount of volcanic energy driving the geothermal system. This energy comes from a large magma chamber located about 2.0 km below the valley. Magma superheats geothermal aquifers (liquids trapped in the ground). Fluid from the aquifer flows to the surface along dikes (cracks and fissures) that were formed during the 1886 eruption.


Waimangu Volcanic Valley Experience

Upon arrival in Waimangu, there are various ticket options available to enhance your experience even more; self-guided walks & hikes, boat rides on Lake Rotomahana, or a combination of walking and excursions.


Lake Frying Pan - Waimangu . Volcanic ValleyLake Frying Pan


You can explore the world's youngest geothermal valley at your own pace, with walking trails for all abilities, walks of varying lengths from 1.5km to 4.5km, includes a wide range of geothermal activities, hot springs, craters, nature and wildlife. Some of the highlights to look out for include the world's largest hot spring, the Mt Haszard trailhead, and the brilliant blue Inferno crater.


Hot Springs - Waimangu lửa Volcanic ValleyHot Springs Hot Spring


The trails eventually lead you down to the lake, where you'll enjoy a relaxing 45-minute cruise around the calm waters of Lake Rotomahana. Along the way, you'll encounter stunning geothermal activity accessible only by boat, as well as rare native birds. You can also listen to historical stories about the lake, the pink and white steps and the eruption of Mount Tarawera.


Boiling and evaporating water you can see - Waimangu . Volcanic ValleyWater is boiling and evaporating that you can see from afar


How to get to Waimagu?

Waimangu is only a short 25-minute drive from Rotorua, 1 hour 30 minutes from Tauranga or 50 minutes from Taupo. Rotorua is easily accessible via Highway 5 by car, or you can use the shuttle bus options from Rotorua to Waimangu.

There are plenty of signposts dotted along the road from both Rotorua and Taupo and it can be easily picked up by GPS on your phone.


Vibrantly colored bacteria cover hot rocks - Waimangu Volcanic ValleyBrightly colored bacteria cover the hot rocks.


What's in Waimangu Volcanic Valley?

The Waimangu Geothermal Valley aims to show people 'how the world began'; This message is the premise of all the natural and unique geothermal activity that occurs in the Waimangu volcanic valley .


Waimangu Geothermal Valley Tour - Waimangu Volcanic ValleyVisit Waimangu . Geothermal Valley


Home to vast volcanic craters, unusual and unique geothermal features, plant and wildlife life, as well as huge lakes and hot springs; Waimangu is a great place to visit for those interested in nature, biology and science.

You'll also learn about the volcanic eruption of Mount Tarawera and the dramatic effects it had on the landscape and surrounding areas in 1886.


Waimangu Volcanic ValleyExplore hiking trails


The Waimangu Volcanic Valley is also home to Frying Pan Lake (the largest hot spring in the world), Lake Rotomahana, the Cathedral Rocks, and the dramatic, stunning blue Inferno Crater. Although these sites are impressive and are of considerable importance to the surrounding ecosystem. The steam emanating from the geothermal pools is extremely cool and enveloping you is a great experience when coming here


Small springs and geysers - Waimangu . Volcanic ValleySmall streams and geysers


When Mount Tarawera erupted again in 1886, it left behind no less than 13 craters spanning more than 17 km; created the Waimangu volcanic valley.  The valley has also won various awards for its contribution to New Zealand's ecotourism industry and as soon as you set foot there, it's clear why.

The breathtaking scenery is what makes Waimangu truly unique with its mysterious and amazing history.


rare plants - Waimangu . Volcanic ValleyImmerse yourself among rare and unusual plants that grow on the hot land of Waimangu, amidst regenerating native forests.


If you don't know about what made Volcano valley look like it is now, you will just see an inexplicable creation of nature. However, once you discover that a powerful volcanic eruption that caused so much damage to the surrounding areas that made Waimangu what it is today, it feels even more special.

Once you have passed through the valley, you will come to a clearing where you will see Lake Rotomahana. Mystery still surrounds the lake and its atmosphere full of secrecy is a great New Zealand travel experience .


Waimangu Volcanic ValleyThese geothermal features are unique to this beautiful part of New Zealand.


Lake Rotomahana Rotorua is your last point before you return to the entrance. Also, if you've booked your Rotomahana lake excursion as well as your hiking trip, this is where you'll board the small boat that will take you around.

The color, nature, and overall mystery that exudes from Waimangu is what makes it such a charming and inviting place to visit in the North Island.


Tips for visiting Waimangu . valley

Waimangu Volcanic Valley is open daily from 8:30am to 5:00pm (6pm in January).

Final admission times for the hikes are as follows: self-guided highlight hike - 3:30pm (4:30pm in January), Lake Rotomahana cruise - 3pm (4pm in January) and cruise set - 2pm (3pm in January).


Watch the steam rising from the fuming cliffs - Waimangu . Volcanic ValleyWatch the steam rising from the fuming cliffs


While you don't have to book tickets in advance of going to Waimangu, you should do so during high season (you'll also save fares if you book tickets online in advance!).


Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Rotorua, New ZealandWaimangu Volcanic Valley, Rotorua, New Zealand


Don't forget to bring good hiking boots, a comfortable hiking camera, and clothes and gear suitable for both rain and shine as the weather can be erratic in Waimangu!


Boat ride on Lake Rotomahana - Waimangu . Volcanic ValleyTake a boat ride on Lake Rotomahana, seeing geothermal attractions that can only be seen by boat.


You can bring your own food and drink into the valley; provided that you don't bring any alcohol and that you respect wildlife and clean yourself up!

Waimangu Volcanic Valley is a mysterious, educational experience in Rotorua! It's definitely one of my favorite places to visit New Zealand's North Island !