Adventure to the wild island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea

 If you dream of a Mediterranean adventure with perfect beaches, remote mountain villages, boating experiences and great food, then the island of Corsica is your destination!

Corsica is a popular holiday destination among tourists, best known around the world for its warm climate, dramatic mountain peaks and stunning coastlines. Located southeast of France's Mediterranean coast, the island attracts a steady stream of visitors each year.


The island of Corsica, FranceSunset at the beach "La Tonnara".


Introduction to the island of Corsica

It is the third largest island in the western Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia (183 km long, 83 km wide and 2,706 meters above sea level at its highest point). The island of Corsica is a veritable natural paradise where heritage is superbly protected, this distinctive land clearly deserves its nickname, "island of beauty"! Located about 180 kilometers from the French Riviera, the famous Napoleon Bonaparte birthplace has no shortage of unique places to enjoy.


The island of Corsica, FranceThe view from the viewpoint in Bonifacio


Early morning at Santa Giulia beach - Corsica Island, FranceEarly in the morning at Santa Giulia beach, all the boat owners were still asleep.


Besides being a beach lover's dream, Corsica also boasts a rich history spanning centuries, with quaint buildings at every corner, winding cobbled streets, delicious cuisine and a thriving arts and music scene. Whether you are looking for a week on sandy beaches, a tour around France's most fascinating museum or a beautiful village... a holiday in the French island of Corsica is the perfect choice. Perfect for a vacation!


Bonifacio Harbor - Corsica Island, FranceBonifacio harbor


Mountain stream in the island of Corsica - Corsica Island, FranceMountain stream on the island of Corsica


Especially popular with outdoor enthusiasts, this unspoiled land invites you to discover charming mountain villages, unspoiled creeks, nature reserves filled with flora and fauna golden beaches with crystal clear waters (ideal for sunbathing), colorful seabeds, mountain lakes, and magnificent hiking trails, like the very popular GR20 that runs across Corsica from north to south. From popular seaside resorts to mountain peaks, diverse viewpoints are one of the island's strengths along with its pleasant climate.


Plants on the island are rich - Corsica Island, FrancePlants on the island are rich


Things to know about traveling to the island of Corsica

When to visit Corsica? 

The island of Corsica has a Mediterranean climate and great temperatures in the summer - especially in the coastal regions where the weather is hot. Farther inland, the summer months remain warm and dry, with an average temperature of 27 degrees. Corsica also boasts more sunshine than anywhere else in France, which is arguably one of the main reasons it's become such a popular French tourist destination . Those looking to avoid the crowds and travel outside of high season need not worry about the weather: the island of Corsica still enjoys a pleasant climate of around 20 degrees throughout September and October.


The island has a Mediterranean climate - Corsica Island, FranceThe island has a Mediterranean climate


Learn about the history of Napoleon

If you're into history, you can visit the ancestral home of Napoleon, born on Rue Saint-Charles in Ajaccio (capital of Corsica) in 1769. Once inhabited by the Bonaparte family , the quaint building is now a National Museum that once housed items reminiscent of Napoleon's childhood in 18th-century France. Visitors can view portraits and medals, furniture, and many other artefacts from the life of the famous ruler, making for a fascinating journey through history. Opening times vary by season, so it's best to check the museum's website before you go.


Napoleon's House - Corsica Island, FranceNapoleon's house


Animals and plants on the island

The island of Corsica is home to some of the world's rare animals and plants, many of which can be found at the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse, a natural park that protects endangered species. extinction.


A plant native to the island - Corsica Island, FranceA plant native to the island


First opened in 1972, the park is now home to two endangered species of ungulate mammals, the mouflon and the Corsican red deer - all considered quasi- extinction. Parc Naturel Régional de Corse also offers views of the highest mountains on the island so it is well worth your visit. The park can be reached by boat from the villages of Galéria and Porto (Ota).


Parc Naturel Régional de Corse - Corsica Island, FranceParc Naturel Regional de Corse


The famous beaches of the island

With sandy coves and gravel coves, the beaches in Corsica are considered some of the cleanest in France. When it comes to sunbathing spots in Corsica, tourists are spoiled for choice: there are several 5km-long beaches in Calvi, beaches in Valinco bay near Propriano, or the southern stretch of coast between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. If you're looking for warm waters, white sand, and clear blue skies, visiting any of these beaches during the peak of summer will refresh you!

Wine is a specialty of the island

Like most sunny regions in France, the island of Corsica produces a number of wines and liqueurs. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or simply an indulgent, the region's delicious grapes will give your taste buds a treat. Nielluccio, a local grape variety, often referred to as a cousin of Sangiovese in Tuscany, produces white wines of the Vermentino variety, and Sciacarello is a typical red grape of the island. If you are thinking of visiting a vineyard during your stay, the Domaine Orsini near Calenzana is considered the best.


Vineyards in Corsica - Corsica Island, FranceVineyards in Corsica


Famous wines from Corsica - Corsica Island, FranceFamous wines of Corsica


Food is interesting

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit the island of Corsica , but its blend of French and Italian cuisine is one of the island's main highlights. The traditional meals are hearty, mainly consisting of fresh seafood and local meats served with locally produced dairy products such as brocciu. Chestnuts are also a staple in many local dishes.

For an authentic Corsican dessert, try the fiadone which is a lemon flavored cream cheesecake.


Fiadone cake - Corsica Island, Francefiadone cake


Eat Bonifacio's local specialty - "Aubergines bonifacienne", which is eggplant stuffed with goat cheese and baked in the oven. 


Aubergines bonifacienne - The island of Corsica, FranceAubergines bonifacienne


Don't miss out on visiting Corsica's food markets with high-quality local delicacies like cured meats and sausages, excellent goat cheeses, fine wines at reasonable prices and fresh fish. catch. The main market on Foch square is open daily.


Main hall on Foch Square - Corsica Island, Francemain hall on Foch square


Food sold in the market - Corsica Island, FranceThe foods sold in the market


The island's viewpoints offer great views

Corsica's scenery is undeniably breathtaking. You can admire the rustic mountain ranges, jutting coastline and beautiful green hilltops, as well as the sparkling waters adorned with charming seaside resorts and seaside cafes. Calvi, a resort in the southwest, regularly hosts music festivals against the backdrop of the citadel.


Landscape of Corsica - The island of Corsica, FranceLandscape of Corsica


The ancient town of Calvi - Corsica Island, FranceThe ancient town of Calvi


Art on the island

The island celebrates many traditions, many of which revolve around a thriving arts scene. Age-old crafts such as jewelry making, pottery and knitting are still present in many villages, as is the musical tradition of polyphonic choral singing. If you spend a lot of time exploring the Balagne region, you will find artisans at work, producing cosmetics, accessories and crockery by hand.


Shop selling handmade goods on the island - Corsica Island, FranceShop selling handmade goods on the island

Outdoor activities are a fun Corsica travel experience

Corsica 's rugged landscape offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and 4x4 terrain tours. Tourists can also see the sights on horseback, or rent e-bikes from any of the main towns as an alternative way to get around. For the less active, Corsica offers a number of short hiking trails including the Napoleon Trail that starts at Ajaccio. The beaches also offer opportunities for swimming, boating and water sports, most enjoyable in the summer when the island is flooded with Mediterranean sunshine.


Island hiking - Corsica Island, FranceHiking activities on the island

The town of Calvi

The seaside town of Calvi is one of Corsica's most visited areas, known for its beautiful Romanesque architecture. After walking up cobbled streets lined with colorful houses and harborside cafes, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the bay from the top of Genoa's citadel. Here, the covered market surrounded by trees is a great place to buy local produce and soak up authentic French culture before heading home.


Calvi Town - Corsica Island France ĐảoThe town of Calvi


Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is the most luxurious town in Corsica, where many rich and upper-class Parisians come to relax. Porto Vecchio's biggest draw is its amazing, pristine beaches with pure white sand and calm, blue waters.


Porto Vecchio Corsica Island FrancePorto Vecchio


The village has a citadel and an old town, starting at Place Republique and strolling through narrow streets dotted with designer boutiques, gourmet restaurants, trendy bars and cafes . Head down to the marina, where you can enjoy a drink on the terrace overlooking lavish yachts and sailboats.


Place Republique - Corsica Island FrancePlace Republique